Web traffic stats: Battle Through The Heavens finale and The Eternal Love 2 premiere

Battle Through The Heavens Finale Ratings
Battle Through the Heavens ends its run with 4.8 billion views. It's been a long time coming as the series was on air for almost two months due to the shortened broadcast week. Although it has ended, a couple new premieres in the same niche seem to be off to a decent start.

An Oriental Odyssey premiered last week while the long-awaited sequel to The Eternal Love premiered this week, reaching 100 million views within its first hour! 

Entrepreneurial Age 2 billion views
Entrepreneurial Age has reached 2 billion views 14 days after premiere. Despite the poor word of mouth, the show has managed to become the leading drama online. 

All Out Of Love
All Out of Love has reached 3.3 billion views 40 days after premiere. 

The Eternal Love Season 2
The Eternal Love Season 2 rose to 200 million views by its second day and continues to do well as it has reached 380 million views 5 days after premiere.

Martial Universe Season 2
Martial Universe Season 2 has reached 800 million views 16 days after premiere. Total views for season 1 and 2 combined is at 5 billion. 

An Oriental Odyssey 400 million views
An Oriental Odyssey has reached 400 million views 9 days after premiere. 

The Years You Were Late Poster
The Years You Were Late has reached 880 million views 29 days after premiere. 


  1. I'm enjoying eternal love season 2 as much as season 1. The main couple have sizzling chemistry. What more can you ask for? Time travel, comedy, romance and action .

  2. Not sure I like the modern settings or the behavior of the ML

  3. I want season 2 of battle through heaven. The drama is really really good that i can't wait for season 2. With the original casts....