Wait in Beijing

Wait in Beijing Chinese TV Series
Wait in Beijing 我在北京等你 is a 50-episode romance drama revolving around the story of two hardworking adults powered by their own goals and constantly facing challenges in life with a can do attitude. Since this drama was filmed in New York and Beijing, expect that it will cover the differences in lifestyles between the two big cities.  

Wait in Beijing Chinese TV Series

Synopsis from Chinesedrama.info

Xu Tian (Li Yi Feng) is a Chinese-American orphan who lives in Brooklyn. His neighbors have become his family and ever since he was young, he has always dreamed of becoming a lawyer who fights for the poor. Sheng Xia (Maggie Jiang) is a young woman from China studying abroad in the United States. She has a passion for fashion design and the heart to succeed. She dreams of opening her own boutique along the prestigious Fifth Avenue. Two people with their own ambitions cross paths in the city of New York and despite their respective Chinese and American upbringings, they become a pillar of support for each other in getting through life's challenges.

Wait in Beijing Chinese TV Series
It stars Li Yifeng (Fearless Whispers), Maggie Jiang Shuying (Memories of Love) and a supporting cast that includes Jiang Mengjie (The Perfect Wedding), George Hu (Art in Love), He Dujuan (The Destiny of White Snake), Li Chenhao (Legend of Chusen) and Ke Tianrou (Tara Klance)

Looking back, it feels like Li Yifeng hasn't been in a drama in years and it's true. His last dramas were Legend of Chusen and Sparrow in 2016. I'm sure we can all agree that he's a hottie, but Animal World opened a lot of people's eyes to what Li YIfeng can offer as an actor. Looking forward to his comeback.  

Release Date: TBD

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Wait in Beijing Chinese TV Series

Wait in Beijing Chinese TV Series Li Yifeng

Wait in Beijing Chinese TV Series Maggie Jiang Shuying

Wait in Beijing Chinese TV Series Jiang Mengjie

Wait in Beijing Chinese TV Series George Hu

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  1. Whenever Chinese dramas hire white actors I have to skip the scenes, it’s just so bad. God I hope they don’t spend the majority of the time focusing on the New York story.