Upcoming Chinese and Korean Dramas October 2018

The Best Meeting Ying Er Ming Dao Ma Tianyu
The Best Meeting (Oct 3 Shandong TV, iQiYi)
A story about a young woman who gets broken up with and finds love once again. She reaches for the stars and comes to form her own perspective on marriage and in life through her everyday experiences. Starring Ming Dao, Ying er and Ma Tianyu.

An ill-fated love story between a mysterious man who becomes closer to the sister of the detective that is secretly investigating him. Starring Seo In Guk and Jung So Min. 

Speed (Oct 9 Dragon TV, Tencent, iQiYi)
A high-adrenaline story about a young man who the challenges in the road ahead to chase his dream of becoming a professional race car driver. Starring Elvis Han and Xu Lu. 

Martial Universe Season 2 (Oct 11 Youku)
The story takes place after Lin Dong and Zhou Tong have joined hands to defeat the enemy. Evil lingers as Yi Mo Huang survives and the search for the two remaining talismans continue. Starring Yang Yang, Crystal Zhang, Claudia Wang and Wu Chun. 

Entrepreneurial Age
Entrepreneurial Age (Oct 12 Dragon TV, Zhejiang TV, iQiYi, Tencent, Youku)
A story revolving around a software engineer who starts on road to becoming an entrepreneur after developing a groundbreaking product. He experiences many hardships along the way and also finds romance. Starring Angelababy and Huang Xuan. 

An Oriental Odyssey (Oct 18 Tencent)
The story takes place in the capital of Luoyang and follows four young heroes who rely on their bravery and intelligence to solve the mysteries during the Tang Dynasty. Starring Janice Wu, Zheng Yecheng and Zhang Yujian. 

Eternal Love Season 2 (Oct 22 Tencent)
The sequel continues with a sweet and light romance as Qu Tan Er crosses paths with the black-bellied prince for the second time and their love story takes a different path. Starring Xing Zhaolin and Liang Jie. 

Tang Dynasty Tour
Tang Dynasty Tour (Oct 29 iQiYi)
A story filled with laughter and tears revolving around an archaeologist who time travels to the Tang Dynasty and gets caught in the political struggles in the palace. Starring Wang Tianchen and Zhang Jianing.

Life on the Line (Oct 30 TVB, Youku)
A story revolving around the emergency response team and their rescue operations wherein every second is a matter of life and death. Starring Joe Ma and Matthew Ho. 

A dermatologist who is popular with the ladies encounters a top actress who always fails at relationships. They end up in a contract relationship and have to pretend that they're in love. Starring Yoon Eun Hye and Chun Jung Myung. 

Ever Night (Oct 31 Tencent)
A touching story that evokes songs of praise, laughter and tears as it follows a common man's rise from the grassroots to become an extraordinary hero. Starring Arthur Chen and Song Yiren. 

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  • This list is updated as more dramas are announced.
  • We do our best to cover newly-airing mainstream Chinese dramas and a few web dramas / Korean dramas that catch our eye.
  • We rely on weibo for announcements, so dramas that are not yet officially announced might not be here.
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  1. Why even bother to write this post? You clearly didn't do any research. There is a ton of drama coming in October and you only say two. And the second one is even only a rumor. I see a trend here. The posts on this blog here are seldom well researched it seems. Really disappointed. Fans who don't know Chinese rely on your posts. You should do better research or just don't post if you only want to do it half hearted.
    No offense intended, just my personal opinion as a disappointed reader of your blog. Won't come to this blog anymore if you don't start to do better research before posting something.

    1. Is it the same dumb troll who goes around hating on the blog in various posts? Own up to your words and disappear for good.

    2. It's okay. I am not offended and sorry you feel that way. But felt the need to clarify that this list, as it has always been, include dramas that we cover on this blog. So far entrep age is the big one for October and I don't think dramas have been confirmed for other networks yet.

      There is a link to ChineseDrama.Info which should have the list of October dramas, but perhaps I can consider listing them all out if more people feel the same way.

    3. If this site is so below your precious standards instead of posting your miserable, bitter rants all over the place why don't you just leave! Constructive criticism is one thing but your posts are just rude and disrespectful.

      Back to the topic at hand:
      Entrepreneurial Age - sounds interesting but nope at Angelababy
      Tang Dynasty Tour - I'm still confused about the whole time travel ban thing. So is it OK now?

    4. I agree with the original comment. It is misleading and does seem there's not a lot of thoughts put behind the post. If this only includes drama that the blog will cover, then a statement clarifying that would be helpful. Especially for those that rely on this site for upcoming dramas.

    5. @Sunny: Time Travel is somehow okay for web dramas. I don't know why haha

      @Anon4: I think that's fair. Added notes at the bottom. I really don't feel it is that misleading because it's not like this list includes random dramas. We try to cover most if not all of the 'big' dramas on this blog and that will be reflected on the list when the premieres are announced.

  2. "Entreprenuer Age" is also another drama to celebrate 40 years of China's economic reform. It's a tribute series. A lot of tribute series will be airing this month and up to December.

    There are quite a few tribute series with a lot of recognizable faces doing the tribute series