Typhoon Teens Debuts Under TF Entertainment

Typhoon Teens TF Entertainment
Following TFBoys, five trainees have debuted under TF Entertainment as a new boyband called Typhoon Teens. They performed their debut single "Wake Up" in Chongqing this October 7th. TFBoys members Karry Wang, Jackson Yee and Roy Wang congratulated their juniors in support of their new journey. 

Typhoon Teens TFBoys
With an age range of 13 to 17, some of the boys were almost the same ages as TFBoys when they first debuted in 2013. Let's meet each one! 

Typhoon Teens TF Entertainment

Typhoon Teens TF Entertainment
Starting from Yao Jingyuan born September 13, 2001, he's the oldest among the five.

Typhoon Teens TF Entertainment Yao Jingyuan
Next is Ding Chengxin born February 24, 2002. I love that he has the bad boy aura, it fits his face so well. I can't help but stare at his Adam's apple, so sexy.

Typhoon Teens TF Entertainment Ding Chengxin
We also have Ma Jiaqi December 12, 2002. He has that boy next door image.

Typhoon Teens TF Entertainment Ma Jiaqi

Of course, the new boyband also has a serious and matured looking member, Song Yaxuan born March 4, 2004. 

Typhoon Teens TF Entertainment Song Chengxuan
Last but not the least, Liu Yaowen born September 23, 2005. The youngest member with a pair of expressive eyes that can melt your heart.

Typhoon Teens TF Entertainment Liu Yaowen
Some members of the band already made their acting debut in the web drama Obsessed with Heart. To be able to spread your wings at an early age means a lot. So, continue to inspire a lot of teens by giving the best performances.

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  1. All TFBoys members are now branching out into acting/singing and heavily promoted by their agents now. I hope there is less fanwar than TF Boys individual fandom. Solo fans are wilds for TFBoys. I would say all TFboys members are all equally popular on their own. TF Boys debuted so young and gained a strong fanbase individually. Haven't listened to the song but i admit TFBoys songs are catchy. One of my fav is Ode to a Tree 树读 by Wang Jun Kai.