Tientsin Mystic 2 May Change Leading Man to Jin Shijia

Li Xian Jin Shijia Tientsin Mystic 2
Li Xian (Left), Jin Shijia (Right)

Are you okay with another version of 'Little River God' De You other than Li Xian (Only Side By Side With You)? There are rumors that Tientsin Mystic 2 河神2 might change its male lead to actor Jin Shijia (Cosmetology High).

Rumors are, Li Xian won't be able to play his character due to a conflict in schedule and a waist injury. The actor allegedly tried to negotiate with the Tientsin Mystic crew to delay the filming but both sides have yet to reach an agreement. 

The series previously announced that the original characters will be coming back for the second season, even releasing a short teaser featuring the same cast. 

Li Xian plays the role of Guo De You, a street-smart investigator with a connection to the police. In Tientsin Mystic season 1, he was accused of murdering the chairman of Ting Family. To prove his innocence, he investigates the case with the help of his friends.   

Tientsin Mystic 2 Li Xian

Wang Zixuan is cast as Gu Ying, a brave and kind shaman and De You's love interest.

Tientsin Mystic 2 Zhang Zixuan
Zhang Mingen plays the role of Ting Family heir, Ting Mao. He is De You's best friend and helps the protagonist find the true culprit of his father's death.

Tientsin Mystic 2 Chen Yumi
Meanwhile, Chen Yumi plays opposite Zhang Mingen as Xiao Lan Lan, a wealthy heir who dreams of being a reporter.

Tientsin Mystic 2 Chen Yumi
Although the drama was a low-budget production, Tientsin Mystic season 1 became a critical and commercial hit due to a combination of factors, one of which is its perfect casting. All four actors were not relatively famous before the series, however, their character portrayals were excellent and their on-screen chemistry was very good.

In response to the rumors, both Li Xian and Jin Shijia did not deny it outright. Instead, their staff commented that it is not convenient for them to answer and to wait for the official announcement.

Sounds fishy, right? What do you think? 

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  1. NO!!!! Li Xian is the ONLY De You! Praying that this isn't true and none of the cast changes!

  2. Are they testing the water?!

    I like the original cast members...

  3. Same!!! Please wait for his recovery because it won’t be the same w/o original cast! Drama gods please!! This is one of the few Cdramas on my MUST watch list. With a change of cast, I would be so disappointed!!!


  5. I can't believe it was considered to be low-budget because it definitely didn't seem so... It was so well done!!!

  6. This is terrible news.I looked forward to the same lead so this is taking away the joy.

  7. NO. Li Xian owns that role. WAIT FOR HIM.

  8. Astaga,,kenapa Li xian diganti?? Saya tidak akan melihat musim ke2 nya ,,nooooooo

  9. Don't change please....����