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Father and son will risk their lives to fight against a drug syndicate in the Chinese cop drama, The Thunder 破冰行动. The 48-episode drama is adapted based on true events and was filmed in collaboration with the Public Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security and the Public Security Department of Guangdong.

Johnny Huang Jingyu plays the role of the leader of the county's anti-narcotics unit, Li Fei who strives to take down the narcotic ring amidst the obstruction of several powerful protectors. 

The Thunder Chinese cop drama Johnny Huang
Playing opposite him is Li Mozhi as the female lead, Chen Ke, a nurse working at a local hospital.

The Thunder Chinese police TV series
Wu Gang plays the role of Li Weimin, Li Fei's adoptive father and deputy chief of the anti-drug bureau who supports his investigation.

The Thunder Chinese police TV series Wu Gang
Meanwhile, Simon Yam stars as the protagonist's biological father, Zhao Jia Liang, an undercover police officer who infiltrated the drug syndicate three years prior.

The Thunder Chinese police TV series Simon Yam
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Hong Kong drug trafficker Liu Haoyu colludes with Lin Yaodong (Wang Jinsong) from Guangdong to build an underground drug manufacturing facility in the Chinese province. During one of his missions, anti-drug police enforcer Li Fei inadvertently discovers the truth behind the covert operation. Despite many obstacles from those in power who work behind the scenes to protect the drug ring, he and partner Song Yang launch a full investigation. Meanwhile, Li Fei's father Li Weimin also heads up an operation as the anti-drug chief in an effort to wipe out the criminal syndicate.

The Thunder Chinese police TV series Wang Jinsong
The Thunder Chinese police TV series
This seems perfect for drama fans who are craving for some action. It mirrors one of the most prevalent problems in many countries, drug abuse, and trafficking. We also get to see a glimpse of the workings of the Chinese government as well as corruption and politics interweaving with crime syndicates. Although the female lead is not very well-known, the rest of the major cast are veteran actors. Most importantly, we got to see Huang Jingyu in uniform again following the hit war movie Operation Red Sea!

Release Date: TBA 

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  1. So excited for this drama!!! And to see Johnny back on the screen acting again!!!

  2. 哈哈哈。。。this drama is in my MUST WATCH list for 2019
    I like the theme
    Most important, i love Jingyu 😘