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It's a race against time! Two heroes will cooperate to crack a case and save lives in a span of 24 hours in The Longest Day in Chang'An 长安十二时辰. The 60-episode action thriller drama is adapted from a novel of the same name written by Ma Bo Yong.

TFBoys member Jackson Yi Yang Qian Xi (Boyhood) plays the role of Li Mi, the head of Chang'an's anti-terror bureau. Lei Jia Yin (Brotherhood of Blades II) acts as Zhang Xiao Jing, a constable-turned-prisoner who helps Li Mi in a case. 

The Longest Day in Chang'an Jackson Yee

The Longest Day in Chang'an Lei Jiayin

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Zhang Xiao Jing is a military man during the Tang Dynasty. After he retired from the frontlines, he worked security and often crossed paths with bad people. Zhang Xiao Jing commits a severe infraction that lands him in jail. At this time, the Jing An Bureau discovers that a suspicious entity has infiltrated the city. Due to Zhang Xiao Jing's expertise and past connections, he is given the opportunity to be absolved of his crimes should he succeed in solving the case. Zhang Xiao Jing learns about a sinister plan to wreak havoc during the Lantern Festival which is only a few hours away. Together with 
Li Mi, a young prodigy and the real brains behind the bureau, they join hands to find the real mastermind behind the conspiracy.

The Longest Day in Chang'an Zhou Yiwei
Zhou Yiwei (Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy) plays the role of Long Bo, a follower of a foreign religion who seems to be have ulterior motives. Other stars include Lu FangshengWu Xiaoliang, Han Tongsheng, Djimon Hounsou,  Cai Lu, Zhao Wei and Feng Jia Yi.

I am expecting a lot of adrenaline-driven action in the series. Lei Jiayin especially, made time to practice his action scenes. For the pacing, it seems like it's a stretch to make a 24-hour timeline into 60 episodes. I assume that scenes will change from different character perspectives and include a lot of important flashbacks. 

Release Date: TBD Youku

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