The Great Craftsman Wraps Up Filming, Drops First Trailer and Stills

The Great Craftsman Wallace Huo

The much-awaited first time pairing of Chinese Paladin 3 and Reset co-stars Wallace Huo and Yang Mi is finally on its last stages. 
Ju Jiang 巨匠 (translates to The Great Craftsman) completes filming after 152 days and drops its first trailer and stills.

Fortunately, Huo's character in this drama is more likeable than his last leading role. No offence but the Qianlong Emperor in Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace really needs a beating. He plays the role of Shen Qin'an, an orphan who was separated from his siblings. Qin'an climbs his way to become a construction manager in Shanghai and endeavors to provide people with affordable but quality housing. He also prevents corruption and use of subpar materials in a construction project, that might have led to casualties.

In the trailer, we are shown a glimpse of arising conflicts in the story. As well as Qin'an's cooperation with his love interest, talented architect Fu Han Jun played by Yang Mi (Legend of Fuyao). 

The Great Craftsman Yang Mi

The production also released stills of the leads and other casts including Kenneth Tsang, Feng Lei, Jiang Hongbo, Zhang Junning, Ge Shimin, Zhang Shen, Qu Gaowei, Wang Xiao, Xu RongZhen, Zhang Fan, Zhang Yi and Zhang Song.

The Great Craftsman Kenneth Tsang

The Great Craftsman Feng Lei

The Great Craftsman

The Great Craftsman Zhang Junning

The Great Craftsman Ge Shimin

The Great Craftsman

The Great Craftsman Qu Gaowei

The Great Craftsman Wang Xiao

The Great Craftsman

The Great Craftsman

The Great Craftsman

The Great Craftsman



  1. Why am I happy to see a Yang Mi drama without her little sidekicks? LOL Saw the trailer and it looks pretty good. I might watch. I didn't like either of the main leads previous drama. Hoping this one is good.

  2. I know Yang Mi has a high/receding hairline, but did they really have to do that to her head??!! Those bangs look like they came straight out of the pits of hell and just plopped onto her head.

    1. " Those bangs look like they came straight out of the pits of hell and just plopped onto her head."

  3. I am a fan of YM but the trailer does nothing for me. I will give it a chance when it comes but not getting my expectations up. Wig aside, I do love YM’s costumes featured in the trailer and stills.

  4. Wallace Huo and Yang Mi are both huge stars in their own right, but with each other, they've never really had strong on-screen chemistry. Based on the trailer, it looks like their chemistry has remained pretty flat for this drama too. This show will need to depend more on the storyline or character development rather than the chemistry/romance to carry it through. So far, the trailer already looks a bit underwhelming...