Sandra Ma and Deng Lun begin filming for modern drama Mr. Fighting

It can be such a letdown when casting rumors that feel so right don't pan out, and I'm happy to announce that this is not one of those instances. There have been reports going on for some time about a practically-confirmed casting that pairs up Sandra Ma and Deng LunIt actually came on the heels of a dating rumor involving them that turned out to be fake, but it turns out that there is something in store for these two after all as they couple up onscreen. 

They are the leads of Mr. Fighting 加油你是最棒的, a new drama about a former reality star who has fallen from fame and an overweight woman who's unemployed. I was looking forward to Deng Lun's next project after Ashes of Love and if it's not going to be with Yang Zi, then a reunion with Sandra Ma sounds like the next best choice. The two previously worked together on the variety show Who's The KeymanBoth attended the booting ceremony on October 15, 2018 held in Beijing. 

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  1. lol the scaredy cat couple!! 😂

    I like them both in Who's the Key man and they have good chemistry so we'll see...

  2. Ashes for love was excellent show.

  3. "overweight woman who's unemployed" I'm cringing already imagining the fatsuit or 9 layers of clothing they dress Sandra in to make her look fat before she inevitably loses weight to become a slender beauty.

    1. I think they change the story from the novel:

  4. @Anonymous: Thanks! That sounds better.