Reel-to-real rumor between Li Qin and Xiao Zhan debunked

Li Qin Xiao Zhan Dating Rumors Denied
Li Qin and Xiao Zhan have three dramas together. For a newcomer, Xiao Zhan has only been acting since 2016 compared to Li Qin who's been acting for almost a decade. Yet somehow, their paths tend to cross a lot as they star in Battle Through The Heavens, Qing Yu Nian and The Majesty of Wolf.  

Li Qin Single
There are also rumors that Li Qin will join the movie remake for Legend of Chusen, all of which are produced by New Classics Media. They have yet to play an actual couple in any drama except for The Majesty of Wolf where Xiao Zhan will pine after Li Qin's character as the second lead. 

With so many projects together, it was bound to get the rumor mill turning. A netizen claimed that the two went skiing together last year and the alleged pictures with friends purposely excluded Li Qin to keep things private. 

Li Qin Xiao Zhan Still Single
Xiao Zhan's staff recently responded to the rumors, "I really don't know anything about the skiing pictures, I've never seen it. I've never heard about them dating either."

Li Qin Studio also issued a statement today claiming that Li Qin is single at the moment. Any news about Li Qin's romance, marriage or pregnancy are false; Li Qin and her staff respect everyone that they work with and have never attempted to step on another artist using any means. 

Well, that clears it. Besides, I think Xin Zhilei and Liu Meitong were in those same dramas too!

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  1. "I think Xin Zhilei and Liu Meitong were in those same dramas too!"
    Lmao I was thinking that too

  2. Aww... I'm disappointed it's just a rumor, lol.

    On a more serious note, I hope Li Qin won't get attacked by his fans. Same with Xiao Zhan. Though I have no idea how the fans' reaction when the rumor was in full swing.

    So, when exactly is The Majesty of Wolf gonna air?

  3. I want to see again xiao zhan and wang yibo drama becuase they are great actor
    And abuot acting they are really hard work i see the last drama by wang yibo nd sean xiao in the untamed drama it is verry emotionally drama nd romantik too but not allowed because they're both male.
    Nd i hope they have a new drama together. becuase they have more fans waiting for next her next drama together😍😍😍😍

  4. PLEASE season 2 of the untamed drama please this drama is i dont know how to move on because this drama good as in great hard work together i hope this drama is have a season2)) xiao xhan and wang yibo..#wangzhan is really great actor for me