Photos from Tang Yan and Luo Jin's wedding day

Tang Yan Luo Jin Wedding Day
What more can I say. I've run out of words to decribe the beautiful event that is Tang Yan and Luo Jin's wedding. The two have just shared more photos from that blissful day when they exchanged their I do's. Despite their many dramas together, I've only seen them in Princess Weiyoung and fell in love with the couple. How fitting that Tang Yan looks like a fairytale princess next to her charming prince in real life.

The bridal party from left to right: Groomsmen 1 (a non-celeb), Bian JiangSun Jian, Ming Dao, Wang Guan, Xu Baihui, Guo Xiaoting and Yukee Chen

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  1. What???! Really, i'm very proud offre them. Finally they're married😘😘 YEAH, god bless both of you guys

  2. Congratulations Tanyan and Luojin amazing couple. God bless you abundantly.

  3. Somehow missed this post of my fave Chinese reel to real wedding These pictures are gorgeous. They are so happy and in love and it was a stunning wedding. Congratulations to the newlyweds. May they have an eternity of happiness :)