Ora Yang Caiyu Wraps Filming for Seven Days, Li Chen Spotted in Photos

Ora Yang wrap filming Seven Days

Ora Yang Caiyu (Youth) reached Day 139 of filming Seven Days 七日生, and she updated her SNS to inform everyone that her journey has come to an end. I'm not too familiar with her and this is only her second drama, but she is so gorgeous in the photos. She stars alongside Li Chen (Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon) and Wang Qianyuan (Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy) as the main trio of the high-speed thriller that takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Since Fan Bingbing's case, Li Chen has lain low for a while. It's my first time seeing him again and in someone else's photo too. I think It's obvious enough that he lost some weight which he explains is for the role. After months of filming in the US, Li Chen just returned to China a few days ago.  

Ora Yang filming Seven Days Li Chen Wang Qianyuan

Ora Yang Vegas Seven Days

Ora Yang Vegas Seven Days

Ora Yang Vegas Seven Days
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  1. I did not realise while FBB has been going through all this drama in China he was in the US filming.