Li Chen breaks silence to support Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing Li Chen
After the tax evasion case involving Fan Bingbing ended with heavy fines and a letter of apology from the A-list actress, her fiancee Li Chen also broke months of silence on the matter. The two who got engaged last year might have been married this year if not for the case. 

Contrary to speculations that their relationship was going through a rough patch, he writes on weibo, "It doesn't matter how difficult, we'll get through it together."  It seems appropriate that he finally speak up regarding his fiancee, but many find his choice of words ill-timed. He later responded to further clarifications by saying that the wrongdoing is acknowledged, lesson learned and actively being corrected. "认识错误,接受教训,积极改正.” 

Li Chen breaks silence on Fan Bingbing
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  1. From what little I know of chinese laws, I thought financial crimes > 3 million renminbi should be getting the death penalty.

  2. Lmao at him waiting until he knows she doesn't have to be in jail
    Such a good man
    He won't get any girl that better than Fan so he won't let go easily either. She has everything even if she has to pay this much

    1. Lol at you acting like you know anything about their lives. Its not like they broke it off and he came back in after she got cleared of any wrongdoing. She's being punished accordingly and he's still by her side. There hasn't been much public mentions in general but you have no clue what's been done in private.