iQiYi iJoy 2018 unveils long list of upcoming dramas till 2019 and beyond

The Thunder iQiYi 2019 drama
It feels as though dramaland took a giant step backwards this week with the sudden closure of DramaFever, but it seems like c-dramas are unfazed and looking to the future with optimism. iQiYi unveiled their future plans through a press event held yesterday in Shanghai and what they have is an ever-growing roster of dramas. A number of stars were in attendance to promote their respective shows.

The Thunder iQiYi Johnny Huang
The Thunder iQiYi Johnny Huang
Johnny Huang headlines The Thunder, a cop drama also starring Wu Gang, Wang Jinsong and Simon Yam. It is expected to be released Q1 2019. 

The Lion's Reflection of Laying Cat Yang Zishan Zhu Yawen
Yang Zishan and Zhu Yawen are in a love-hate relationship in The Lion's Reflection of Laying Cat. He is a mysterious bodyguard and she is a domineering CEO. It is expected to be released Q3 2019. 

Oho Ou The Eight iQiYi 2019 drama

 iQiYi 2019 drama Oho Ou
Oho Ou and Tan Songyun star in The Eight, an action-packed drama about martial artists in jianghu. 

Legend of White Snake Ju Jingyi Alan Yu iQiYi 2019 drama
Alan Yu and Ju Jingyi star in Legend of the White Snake. Despite being the third adaptation of the classic folktale, Ju Jingyi said that she doesn't mind comparisons. They've tried their best and the rest is up to the viewers. She herself watched the previous adaptations and the animated version.

First Love Xing Zhaolin Bai Lu
iQiYi 2018 First Love Xing Zhaolin

Xing Zhaolin and Bai Lu star in Lucky's First Love. The title alone sounds like a cute rom-com in the making. 

iQiYi drama adaptation Detective Chinatown

iQiYi drama adaptation Detective Chinatown Chen Sicheng
Chen Sicheng announced the plans for a drama adaptation of the hit movie franchise Chinatown Detective. Filming is expected to begin soon.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's a whole slew of posters for upcoming dramas that have been completed, currently in production or still in the beginning phases. Which one are you looking forward to the most? 

Poster Legend of White Snake Ju Jingyi
Legend of White Snake starring Alan Yu and Ju Jingyi

Poster Liang Shihuan Alan Yu Yukee Chen
Liang Shi Huan starring Alan Yu and Yukee Chen

Poster Hao Lan Zhuan Wu Jinyan Nie Yuan Mao Zijun
Hao Lan Zhuan starring Wu Jinyan, Mao Zijun and Nie Yuan

Poster The Eight
The Eight starring Oho Ou and Tan Songyun

Poster Handsome Siblings
Handsome Siblings starring Chen Zheyuan and Hu Yitian

Poster Anti-Terrorism Forces Yang Xuwen Dai Si
Anti-Terrorism Special Forces starring Yang Xuwen and Daisy Dai Si

iQiYi 2019 drama Vincent Zhao Nikita Mao
Fearless starring Vincent Zhao and Nikita Mao

Poster The Files of Teenagers in the Concession
The Files of Teenagers in the Concession starring Huang Zitao and Sophie Zhang

If Time Flows Back

If Time Flows Back starring Jin Dong and Jiang Xin

Poster City of Desire

City of Desire starring Wu Xiubo and Angelababy

Poster Like A Flowing River
Like a Flowing River starring Wang Kai, Yang Shuo and Dong Zijian

Poster The Lion's Reflection of Laying Cat iQiYi drama
The Lion's Reflection of Laying Cat starring Yang Zishan and Zhu Yawen

Dancing in the Storm iQiYi series
Dancing in the Storm starring William Chan and Guli Nazha

Poster Another Me Chinese TV series
Another Me starring Shen Yue and Chen Duling
Go Go Squid Yang Zi Li Xian iQiYi
Go Go Squid starring Yang Zi and Li Xian

Arsenal Military Academy
Arsenal Military Academy  starring Bai Lu and Xu Kai

A Little Reunion Chinese series
A Little Reunion

Gong Zi Qing Cheng Chinese series
Gong Zi Qing Cheng

I Am A Super Star Chinese series
I Am Super Star

iPartment 5 Chinese series
iPartment 5

Lost in the Kunlun Mountains Chinese series
Lost in the Kunlun Mountains

Night Wanderer Chinese series
Night Wanderer

Wu Shuang Zhu Chinese series
Shen Lan Qi Yu Wu Shuang Zhu by Tang Jia San Shao

The Listener Chinese series
The Listener

We Are Cops Chinese series
We Are Police

 Chinese series Winter Begonia
Winter Begonia
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  1. Go Go Squid!! That drama is gonna be so sweet. I hope i can enjoy all 30 episodes without getting frustrated coz the novel is relatively short. I really hope side stories are added without going off from the main storyline.

  2. Was really hoping for news on Tientsin Mystic 2...

  3. That's a long list! Looking forward to Xing Zhaolin's First Love and Wang Kai's Like A Flowing River

  4. Definitely The Thunder with Johnny Huang JingYu! Have been waiting impatiently for 2019 to come so I can see it. Hope it also airs on TV!

  5. Who is starring in Gong Zi Qing Cheng? The picture alone is pretty pretty already. I'm also interested in Go go squid, the one with Daisy, and Fearless.... Cue Jay Chous' song!!! 💖