Hunan TV to air more episodes of All Out Of Love beginning next week

The number of times the schedule has changed for All Out Of Love 凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤 is getting absurd, but at least this time, it's good news. The show which was forcibly bumped from daily primetime to a Monday-Tuesday 10pm slot on Hunan TV gets to air from Monday to Thursday at 10pm starting next week. This is only possible because Battle Through The Heavens ends this week.

Tencent VIP members can still watch 4 episodes in advance. TV ratings have gone down considerably due to these changes, so I'm curious to see if the numbers have a chance to go back up with the increased broadcast. 

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  1. Great. I'm waiting for King of Blaze that will take over its slot.

  2. I'm so love this drama, to bad I can't watching live cause I'm not VIP member so I have to wait to watching this drama now I'm watching episode 41 ready, thanks for sharing ,now so curious the next episode