Dramas to Watch For From Now Until 2019

How much you liked this year's selection of Chinese dramas is a matter of opinion, but summer was indeed the highlight for 2018. Now that the year is coming to an end, let's take a look at the planned dramas for China's top networks - Dragon TV, Beijing TV, Jiangsu TV and Hunan TV.  

Dragon TV

Dragon TV 2019 anticipated dramas
If you like urban workplace dramas -  

Dragon TV 2019 anticipated dramas
If romance is more your cup of tea - 

Dramas in the Republican era - 
Fearless Whispers 隱秘而偉大 (this is also a planned drama for Jiangsu TV) 

Beijing TV

Beijing TV 2019 anticipated dramas

Dramas also in Dragon TV's roster - 
Growing Pain 少年派 (this is also a planned drama for Jiangsu TV)

Beijing TV 2019 Lineup
If you enjoy period or costume dramas - 

Beijing TV 2019 anticipated dramas
Modern dramas in the youth and crime thriller genre - 

Jiangsu TV

Keep an eye for anticipated dramas on Jiangsu TV for Q4 2018 to 2019 - 
The Great River 江河水 
Growing Pain 少年派 (this is also a planned drama for Dragon TV and Beijing TV)

All Is Well  都挺好
Paratrooper Spirit 伞兵魂 

Jiangsu 2019 TV Lineup
I Want To Be With You 我要和你在一起

Suspense thrillers - 
Guo Bao Qi Lu 国宝奇旅 

Hunan TV


  1. Not really interested in the dramas for network...Except for Go Go Squid, King of Blaze and Cry Me a Sad River.
    I prefer my costume dramas. Guess they are all going to end up as web dramas eh?

  2. Growing Pain sounds like it'll be a great drama, but it lacks "international" appeal.

  3. There are so many. I’ll just wait to see people’s reactions and watch later lol

  4. I am only looking forward to Go Go Squid for a sweet and fluffy romance between Yang Zi and Li Xian. I will check out the rest of the dramas if any of them manage to create a buzz.

    How about "The King's Avatar" with Yang Yang and Jang ShuYing? Is it only going to be a web drama on Tencent?

  5. Spy hunter looks intriguing!!

  6. Fearless Whispers and Wait in Beijing.