Ashes of Love Season 2 Announced

Ashes of Love Yang Zi Jin Mi
Can't get over Ashes of Love fever yet? Well, here is a good news, the series will be having a second season! There are not much details about the production yet. However, Ashes of Love executive producer, Liu Ning confirmed that they will be filming Ashes of Love season 2. 

Ashes of Love Deng Lun Xu Feng
Ashes of Love was adapted from Dian Xian's novel, Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost, which follows the love story of the Flower Goddess' hidden daughter, Jin Mi (Yang Zi) and the Heavenly Emperor's second son, Xu Feng (Deng Lun), amidst various heartaches and misunderstandings. Ashes of Love season 1 ended with Jin Mi and Xu Feng living happily in the mortal realm with their son, hundreds of years after the war between the Heaven Realm and the Demon Realm. 

Ashes of Love Run Yu  Luo Yunxi
The second season will have a new cast line-up and will center around the story of the children of the first season protagonists. I just hope the production can give us even a tiny cameo of Jin Mi and Xu Feng's after-marriage scenes in the upcoming season and Run Yu as well. Pretty please...


  1. I love, love season 1. I heard about this a few days ago and I am not entirely sure how I feel about it yet. Need to know what the storyline really is first and who's been cast for season 2.

  2. Well I'm glad the main cast is not coming back if season 2 talks about the children of leads in season 1. I mean what will Yang Zi and Deng Lun going to play? Brother and Sister??? LOL I wouldn't mind a cameo from them as themselves though. I desperately want to see their lives after marriage which season 1 did not give.

    Depending on who they cast, I may or may not watch. They are truly milking the success of AOL, aren't they?

    1. I get you, their story is totally done by now there is nothing else to continue about them anymore. Unless they wanna take that twist of making them siblings like you say LOL.
      Season 1 could've give a bit more about their marriage life, and also explanation of JM's mother's past and give that emperor what he deserved because he died way too simply. Instead of dragging so many episodes with JM crying and Demon Princess saving her lover over and over, they could've done that.
      Although the closure in Season 1 isn't the most satisfying, it already ended so I'm not interested in anymore continuation from JM and XF. If they're going to continue then it's got to be new people, kind of start afresh with a new story that does not rely too much on what happened from the first season. It's going to depend on if the story is going to be good enough, and true, the cast has to be good to make the next season another success.

  3. for me the story has ended in season 1, i liked how they concluded everything but if they say it's about their children then i might think of certain tihngs. In the end, the demon princess(queen?) daughter said he found a nice young man who trains in kunlun mountain and told Jinmi's son that she will get him a brother in law
    we also have the open ending of Night, will he ever find someone new? will he have children? will he perhaps adopt a son or daughter?
    What about snake deity?
    also will Jinmi and Xufeng only have 1 child? I don't think so.... xDDD
    it'll probably be more light headed than how AOL have been in season 1 tho :)

  4. Just don't kill off the parents Plz!! That's all I'm asking for... and maybe a mermaid bride for the lil egret!!

  5. I want Yangzi and Deng Lun is a different drama now....

  6. I want a happy ending for Run yu. He deserves it more than anyone. I just fell in love with his character no matter how evil he got on later episodes. I hope they cast him. Love you lou yun xi ..

  7. this is one of those shows that did not need a season 2, i feel like this is more of a cash grab. One reason why this show was so good in my opinion was that they gave a proper conclusion to everything unlike the 99% of all other shows. There is really not much more to tell about the main leads' story. However if they want to make another show based in the same universe about new characters then it might work. I just really hope they dont try to use the popularity of this show and the 2 main leads to screw up a perfectly good ending and conclusion and add some stupid stuff to it to make it into a new season.

  8. I loved the story line! Ying and yang of life! There always has to be a balance between the 2 . Can not wait to see season 2! Thank you to the writers cast members and all who worked on this mesmerizing story!

  9. I absolutely love this story with all my ❤.

  10. Watched the entire show on Netflix over 2 weeks thought it was excellent the acting awesome and the costumes and the set design was mesmerising can not wait for 2nd season