Zhao Liying Trends Over Pregnancy Rumors, Says She Has A Temper Too

Zhao Liying denies pregnancy
Zhao Liying is trending again over the same pregnancy rumors that she already shot down a month ago. You might remember that photos of Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng have been circulating the web this past month alone and netizens are speculating whether the two are dating or not. There are so many "couple sightings" and also rumors about the actress being pregnant whenever she is seen sporting baggy clothes.

In the course of one month alone, she's been secretly photographed at least four times. She might have had enough because even though she hasn't said anything new, she reshared a weibio post from 2017 where she threw shade at those sneakily taking photos of her. She said that there are no chance encounters.... you walk, I walk and then you take out your phone. I'll share my own pics. One photo that stands out is this - 

On it, it says, if you have wronged me, I can let it go. If you have said something wrong, I can let it go. If you have hurt me, I can let it go. If you deceive me, I can still let it go. But remember, I have a temper and I am not letting go. 

I feel bad for her. 

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  1. Are there some Chinese idioms to what she's saying, I don't quite understand what she mean? So hurting her is ok but saying the wrong things is not ok?
    I mean both are wrong, but it sounds like she's ok with hurting her with anything as long as not with words?

    Saw a recent picture of her and her chest seemed to grew bigger, she was really well known for flat chest. Some people say chest growing is a sign of pregnancy?

    1. No, she was trying to say that she has endured countless time whether people wronged her or hurt her. But just cause she tolerated it over and over again doesnt mean she wont explode one day. That she endures a lot already and some might see it as she’s a pushover and doesnt get mad but she’s reminding them that she has temper too and her tolerance has limits

    2. No there’s no underlying meaning. Personally I think what she posted is pretty aggressive..sure she should get some privacy but paparazzi comes with the job doesn’t it. She’s a bit much these days,too much popularity.

  2. It all started with a little lump on her back where ppl were startled to see it seemed to be getting bigger, she said that she would see a doc after she finished filming Minglan, she then explained that the doc told her she needed to take a break and heal herself , she did that and now she's been rumored to be pregnant..she has been to so many fans meet events lately with no pregnant belly and yet ppl r still saying she's pregnant..*eyes rolling*

    she's been spotted out many times with FSF, maybe she's trying out this dating thing to see if she's actually suitable with him before she can confirm or deny any relationship??

    Altho she doesn't need to explain herself to anyone but with her being a popular celebrity and trying to keep a low profile is really impossible, ppl will just speculate making things worse for her..it's her life, she is also human, she doesn't need ppl to treat her any special, she just wants to live a normal life so let her be.

  3. Of all her co-stars, she ends up dating FSF and possibly settling down with him soon too. Whatever makes her happy, i like her as an actress. She’s good at her job as an actress. FSF hopefully finds the right one for him and that it’s ZLY.

  4. They actually been in 6 dramas & movies together. And already known each other for 10 years. ZLY used to be in the same company with him, where she still an unknown.

    Who knows what relationship they have on those old days. But looks like they have good impression on each other, they were so closed in MK3 BTS.

    A long time good friend became lover. Fate brought them together?

    Good luck to FSF & ZLY

    1. She'd always looked up to him and he was her inspiration.

    2. FSF was her inspiration? How do you know that? Any link?

    3. They had a total of 6 dramas together where he played all main roles and she was only maids or very minor characters


      Looks very much like stalking to me!! Also, he was known to have a crush on Yang Mi and her decision to make her face similar to Yang Mi is too coincidental.

      Somebody posted her old pic in that link, she does not look like Yang Mi at all in the very first place. After she made herself to look like that, she finally got famous because because people mistook her for Yang Mi and surprisingly she was very angry at those type of comments. That is too many coincidents.

  5. Yang Mi and Liying doesn't look the same.. You are just imagining things.. Liying is beautiful and Yang Mi too no need to compare because both are beautiful on their own.. Yang Mi is beautiful but I like Liyings beauty more..