What Do Deng Lun and Huang Xuan Have in Common?

Deng Lun Huang Xuan stubby hands
Thanks to Deng Lun's popularity from Ashes of LoveHuang Xuan is like the innocent bystander who's been gaining attention too and all for a really weird reason. Care to take a guess why? 

Deng Lun Huang Xuan small hands
Yes, it's because both of them have stubby hands though it isn't really so bad, most people find it endearing. 

Huang Xuan small chubby hands
I must admit, their hands do look strangely disproportionate especially Huang Xuan whose hands are surprisingly stubby for somebody who stands 5 feet 8 inches tall (1.77 meters).  Looking at the close up shots, I could have sworn those hands belonged to somebody else entirely, somebody much shorter and heftier. 

Deng Lun small chubby hands
In comparison, Deng Lun has it so much better.  While his hands are still stubby for his 6 feet frame, it doesn't look that "off" and almost looks slender next to Huang Xuan'sIt might seem unlucky for the two handsome Chinese stars to have such stubby hands but it could be what brings them luck. 

It also doesn't hurt that stubby hands are supposed to auspicious to catching money. It must be true since it worked for these fellas!

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  1. Seriously Michelle? Does this even need to be written into article? Like there's no other interesting topic..

  2. Haha DL said during an interview that his hands are supposedly for making/catching money as his grandfather said. So he likes his 小胖手!:)

  3. Stubby hands are auspicious for catching money? I'm afraid what that means for long slim fingers like mine ToT

    Stubby fingers make sense on a 5ft 8 guy as that's not tall but stubby hands on someone who is 6ft is rather disproportionate looking. Hmmm...is Deng lun really 6ft tall?

  4. lol! i saw someone mentioned it earlier and now i cant unseen it! especially during the last episode of AOL when phoenix reached out his hand to jimin! lol

  5. Who cares about luck. People are just comforting them because their hands are just ugly. Almost sure Denglun isnt a 6 feet. Everyone knows he's faking his height.

  6. Welp... I still love them both