S.H.E. relive moments in new MV '17' where they revert back to 2001

S.H.E. 17 years Selina, Hebe, Ella
With preparations in full gear for their upcoming concert this month, S.H.E. members Selina Jen, Hebe Tian and Ella Chen have also dropped their new music video 17 to commemorate their 17th Anniversary as a group. 

This picture(s) from when they shot the MV sure got me and a lot of people fooled because I honestly thought that it could have been a picture from 17 years ago. From their outfits down to the hair, the three are appearing as their 2001 selves. It was during the time when they held their first fanmeet on Sep. 11, 2001 to promote their very first album, 'Girlfriend'. Seeing Ella with short hair again, I see no difference at all!

S.H.E. 17 years 2001 first album  Selina, Hebe, Ella
The ladies also reenacted several life-changing moments from the good, the bad and the ugly which really turns the whole song into a touching walk down memory lane. I didn't expect it to be quite so emotional, but it is, especially if you're my age 😅.

The next picture is another reenactment from when S.H.E. won their very first Golden Melody Awards in 2003. Ella could not make it due to an injury so the three redid their acceptance speech in 2018, this time with Ella present. Selina's mom and dad were present too. Now, I just need to make it to Taiwan for the concert. Their voices and harmonization are pure gold. 

S.H.E. 17 years 2018 Selina, Hebe, Ella

S.H.E. 17 years 2018 Selina, Hebe, Ella

S.H.E. 17 years 2018 Selina, Hebe, Ella

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  1. Time flies...It has already been 17 years since SHE debut. Taiwan or China don't really focus on creating a group like S.H.E after them coz S.H.E is the only group i know and the rest are solo singers. Maybe more groups debut after S.H.E but they all flop so i don't really know them.

    1. I agree. I only know of SHE as the greatest girl group for me from Taiwan. And I don't know of any even from China.