Legend of Awakening Stars Arthur Chen, Dylan Xiong, Ancy Deng, and Cheng Xiao

Legend of Awakening Arthur Chen Feiyu
While you're waiting for the premiere of The King's Avatar, let's add one more drama for you to look forward to - Legend of Awakening 天醒之路, another story written by Butterfly Blue 蓝蝴蝶. 

It stars Arthur Chen Feiyu, Dylan Xiong Ziqi, Ancy Deng Enxi, and Cheng Xiao as young heroes determined to bring peace to their land as "awakeners," taking on the path of awakening. It sounds very zen-like which seems to fit right in the alley of the fantasy genre and to be expected is a young cast in headlining roles.    

Legend of Awakening Dylan Xiong Ziqi
Legend of Awakening Ancy Deng Enxi
Following a trend of K-pop idols branching out into Chinese entertainment is another newbie actress. Let's not forget to wish K-pop idol, Cheng Xiao, a good luck in her first drama! 

Legend of Awakening Cheng Xiao
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