Kitty Zhang's Alleged Domestic Abuse Case Ends In Divorce

Zhang Yuqi domestic abuse case
Kitty Zhang Yuqi who starred in the box office hit Mermaid found a private marital dispute turning very public when a domestic violence incident between her and her husband, Yuan Bayuan, started circulating the net. The rumor began after a screenshot of a police report was leaked involving a call that was made on the 26th of September.

Zhang Yuqi domestic abuse case
It was alleged that Kitty Zhang used a fruit knife on her husband that inflicted a centimeter-long wound on his back. The actress has denied the claim although the thnext day, Kitty Zhang's manager announced that the couple who married in 2016 were getting a divorce. There were rumors implying that the couple's marital problems stemmed from Kitty Zhang's husband lying about owning their house. He reportedly also owed millions in debt and needed money from the actress. 

Zhang Yuqi domestic abuse case
Zhang Yuqi Studio released an update stating that the rumors online are baseless speculations and not true.  It further explains that the couple's separation is a mutual decision and that they have both made mistakes that caused the separation. It also pleads for people to stop spreading false news and to allow the couple some good memories of their moments together. The studio will not hesitate to exercise the right to pursue legal action on those who would continue the malicious rumor. 

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