Jaywalk Studio signs six new artists

Jaywalk Studio First batch artist
To most, Yang Mi, Dilireba, Vengo Gao, Leon Zhang and the rest of the Jaywalk family are the faces of the company. Li Xirui left last month, but no matter what the future holds, I'll always have a soft spot for this batch. Comers and leavers are part and parcel in any management agency especially for a growing company like Jaywalk and they are adding new blood to the team once again.  

Jaywalk Studio new talents 2018

Six new artists were introduced to the world. They're young (from 16-19), gorgeous, tall (the boys are mostly 6 feet) and plenty talented. I wonder how the selection process went as it feels like it would have been tough.  

Jaywalk Studio new talents 2018 Tian Xuanning
Tian Xuanning 
Folk Dance, Ballet, Singing, Swimming, Sketching

Jaywalk Studio new talents 2018 Zhuang Dafei
Zhuang Dafei
Singer, Composer, Lyricist, Piano, Cello, Guitar, English

Jaywalk Studio new talents 2018 Fan Zhixin
Fan Zhixin 
Modeling, Basketball, Billiards

Jaywalk Studio new talents 2018 Wang Yiming
Wang Yiming
Chinese dance, Swimming, English

Jaywalk Studio 2018 Qiu Tian
Qiu Tian
Dancing, Composition, English

Jaywalk Studio 2018 newcomers Zhu Zijie
Zhu Zijie
Singing, Dancing, Basketball, English

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  1. one thing for sure they look gorgeous

  2. first girl looks like ni ni

    1. My first thought! LOL and gorgeous as well!

    2. omg yea like i say her and thought have i seen her and now that you mention it i'm like ohh yea

  3. To most, Yang Mi, Dilireba, Vengo Gao, Leon Zhang and the rest of the Jaywalk family are the faces of the company? Seriously? That's why people, Jaywalk themselves and media call Jaywalk Yangmi's company even she is just a tiny stock holder?

    People loves to bully and discredit her so much here.

    Jaywalk is equal to visual so for sure they all look good but can they act?

  4. Not sure about the guys but not sure if it's even worth it for girls. The only actresses who get good roles are Yang Mi and Reba. The rest are just relegated to playing supporting roles and jealous, bitchy second and third leads.

    1. Not really.
      Zhu Xudan gets to play lead roles now, and previously Li Xirui has been playing lead roles for three dramas before leaving.

    2. sunny..I agree with you...still remember me?i'm the one that suggest character for female lead must be intelligent and not emotional...do you still remember that? for the boys are not so handsome...if they get the lead role...the storyline and the script is not good at all...they will just get the dumb story itself...all the good resources just go to the dilireba itself..and the rest must wait for along time...because the competition among them are very high

    3. Before you talk you have to see first the Jaywalk artist dramas list perhaps all of them are given the chance to play a role be a main lead but most of them their drama is flop because people don't know them yet but the best strategy for them to rise in stardom is to be a supporting role in a big budgeted drama. If you watch Yang Mi's drama most of them are always in Yang Mi's drama for them to rise with Yang Mi and get known by people the biggest example is the mega hit drama Ten Miles Of Peach Blossom most of Jaywalk Studio artist become popular.

    4. Those actors you have said playing supporting roles and jealous, bitchy second and third leads rose to stardom in the mega hit drama Eternal Love or TMOPB by playing supporting role and a villain. Do you know that playing a villain in the drama is a hardest role people will hate and love you because of your character in the drama but that means you are an amazing actors. TMOPB make Dilraba Dilmurat, Vengao, Zhang Binbin, Dai Si, Huang Mengying, Lai Yi, Zhu Xudan, Wayne Liu they all rose to stardom and and become a rising star.

    5. @ Anonymous 4.b: *waves* Hello! Yes, I do remember our conversation! I totally agree with your points here too. All the best resources go to YM and DD and the rest just get the dregs.

    6. hai sunny..its me anonymous 4b..wah its glad that you still remember..it such a bless you still remember our conversation...btw my name is atikah...so you can call me with that name...yes of course i'm agree with you..I am not yang mi fan...yes I know yang mi fan will defense her...but as I know...jaywalks have a huge competition...and I dont know it is worth for the girl...it is base on their luck...I mostly agree with you because we have the same point of view...

  5. It’s a stepping stone, but they only promote a few artists. I would try to get out while you can.

  6. All of Jaywalk artist is are talented and good looking. Jaywalk is also good in promoting their artist, they work hard and promote their artist heavy. What I like with Jaywalk artist they work together as one family and help each other even though the artist is already taking main lead role can goes back as second main lead.

  7. More package deals to come lol ���� just hope they can act and have good personality

  8. OK! Yang Mi, time to hire me to write some bomb ass good storylines for you, so you won't get yelled at for making your team play the same dumb second lead roles. Where can I apply?

  9. I think Jaywalk is great and good company, Im biggest fan of Leon Zhang i think he was in a good shape on his career. Everyone has a right time for it.