Hu Ge's Message for Fans: Don't Spend Money for His Birthday

Hu Ge don't want gifts on birthday
September 20, which is Hu Ge's birthday, is still weeks away but the actor is on top of things in advising fans that he does not want any gifts. He said that he has been hearing that people were pooling resources for his birthday, and he just wanted to clarify that he doesn't want people to spend any money on his behalf. He adds that the hujiao (his fans) know that he doesn't even accept birthday presents. 

Hu Ge don't want gifts on birthday
Furthermore, his usual stance is for everyone to give their attention to charity and public welfare. He hopes that everyone can do good from the heart because helping those in need is a meaningful thing to do. However, he requests that people do not use his birthday as a reason to raise money for charity as that goes against his original intentions.

He added that if on September 20, you wake up and feel something is off, why not make a wish for yourself or say a simple greeting for him in your heart. To him, that is the best gift. He added further that if you feel compelled to do something, brush your teeth multiple times since 9/20 is Love Teeth Day in China. 

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  1. I really like him and am looking forward to when he comes back to TV drama land.

    1. Yang mi also did the same too. I really admire ym and hu ge. After all who kept all those gifts, u probably need a mansion or storage units haha. They know their fans use their hard earning money for their gifts so in return they don't want nothing bevause they know what's like to earn money for a living

  2. I LOooooooooVE this guy!
    And I didn’t love the wrong person :D