Fan Bingbing arrested? Reports say the actress is being investigated

Back in May, a TV host launched a throng of accusations against Fan Bingbing to imply that the actress is involved in tax evasion. Fan Bingbing Studio issued a statement to deny any wrongdoing and that they will cooperate with authorities with the investigation. Fan Bingbing has lain low since then and all kinds of rumors have been flying, the latest being that she has been arrested!

These kinds of speculations have actually been going on for months. First, there were rumors that she was arrested along with her brother Fan Chengcheng. Then there were rumors that she and fiancee Li Chen have broken off their engagement. There were rumors that Fan Bingbing is being replaced by Zhang Ziyi in the high-profile Hollywood movie 355. I'm not inclined to believe any of the above just because of the media's tendency to blow things out of proportion, but things definitely don't seem to be looking up. 

According to recent reports, Fan Bingbing is under control and being investigated by the government. China's state-run Securities Daily learned through a source that Fan Bingbing is in prison and that she is also being linked to bank lending and corruption cases. The Securities Daily article was taken offline later so there's no way to verify. 

What we do know is that Fan Bingbing has indeed been missing from the public eye. Her show Legend of Ba Qing is postponed indefinitely. As of today, Fan Bingbing's office in Wuxi has been completely emptied with all documents allegedly taken away. A worker said that the carpets needed changing so the office had to be vacated. Fan Bingbing Studio has been unreachable. 

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  1. Maybe it is the real life version of In The Name Of The People.

  2. So may rumours flying around. Not too long ago it seemed like she had everything and now everything seems so messy...

  3. I think they are making an example of her. Huang Xiaoming also has some rumors going around regarding stock manipulation but it feels like it is not as bad. And not too long ago Zhao Wei had some insider trading issues going around but nothing happened. They either decided to do something with FBB or they are trying to use her case as an example for other big celebrities.

  4. Wait, how did it escalates this far, i thought her management company had denied the tax evasion or the yin yang contract the first time this issue arise and even said the person who reported her just trying to defame her and has no prove. Now she's being arrested ?
    I also saw on other news site that said she and her fiancee currently in the u.s and probably registering their marriage there to counteract bad luck