Dilraba Dilmurat is Mikimoto's New Brand Ambassador

Dilraba Dilmurat is Mikimoto's New Brand Ambassador
Ever since they opened their first store in Ginza in 1899, Mikimoto has been synonymous with pearls for over a century. This luxury creator of cultured pearl recently unveiled the new face of Mikimoto and it's none other than Dilraba Dilmurat.

Dilraba Dilmurat is Mikimoto's New Brand Ambassador
Dilraba Dilmurat possess exceptional beauty and is currently, one of China's rising stars.  She got her first break in the movie Anarhan back in 2013 and has been in countless dramas and movies ever since.  

She joins other notable brand ambassadors like professional equestrian, Karen Polle.

Dilraba Dilmurat is Mikimoto's New Brand Ambassador
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  1. Maybe she should trying modeling since her acting has been stagnant.

    1. She definitely does wonder in modeling than acting. She looks like she takes time to warm up to her co-stars. She is a lot more comfortable with co-stars that she is close to. Anyhow, she gotta keeps filming dramas/movies to create more buzz which will then lead to becoming brand ambassador opportunity like this. It's not like the industry places more emphasis on visuals than skills so she will still do just fine. XD

    2. I’m not talking about her chemistry with her costars, though that is also a problem, it’s her interpretation of the characters. When you can’t grasp an understanding, your performance lacks depth. Dilreba is exactly that. She’s there to look pretty or something.

    3. To be an actress you do have to be there to look pretty, doesn't matter however you are going to interpret the playful or sadistic type, the only rule is you just can't be there looking ugly and expect to make all sort of mess for the handsome guy have to save you every time looking ugly, fans will kill you.

    4. @ Anonymous: I was thinking the exact same thing. She's much better at modelling than acting. She should stick with this where she can makes lots of money, stand around and look pretty and make faces without inflicting her 1-dimensional acting on the audience.

    5. @1.c

      What a stupid excuse. As an actress, you’re there to ACT. It is people with no talents who need looks to help them get through. You can be drop dead gorgeous, which Dilreba isn’t - she’s pretty, but if you can’t act, then get off the screen.

    6. Anon 1.e
      No matter how hard a person try to act, if they are ugly they can only act as certain characters, i.e. characters that are suppose to be ugly. No matter how hard they try to act pretty, it will not work. And DLRB isn't pretty to the point where she can act out all sort of faces on screen, I see that she seems to try not to stretch her face too much. Maybe she's doing what's best for her, with online haters these days it's probably safer to look pretty 24/7 than making an ugly face on screen like what actress Wu Jingyan would dare to do. So far I've only seen Wu Jingyan willing to act out on everything. But, all the other modern beauties today are just like DLRB, nobody wants to look ugly on screen. Even when they cry or, look surprise, or getting injured and should look very hurt... they would all only act out those things in a very very pretty way. Nobody cares about looking convincing. Most directors seems to agree with that point of view too, and been using lots of camera action with technology to help actors staying pretty at all times.

      It is not the Rosamund Kwan days who is pretty but would still be willing to pop out her eyes big and open her mouth huge when she needs to act surprised. She can look funny and wacky that way, totally out of place, but actually very lovable and convincingly human. But, modern actresses, who would do that? Not exactly the actors fault actually, you know, some fans are stupid and crazily delusional that they cannot stand seeing a pic of their idol making a funny face or any type of face that is not good looking to them. Post a bad pic of their idol they'll yell at you and want to kill you, they don't understand how real human faces work. They only appreciate how a plastic non-movable doll face should look! So, that's why modern actresses can only feed what those fans want.

      It's unfair to keep pointing at DLRB alone for bad acting, when in fact, about 99% famous actresses today can't even act either, and they are just the exact same thing like DLRB. So, of course, they just all need to be very pretty, what else, they could act, they know how to act for sure... but they all choose not to, because of the fear not looking pretty. Pretty, is already most important to them.

    7. anonymous 1 f...I am not agree with your opinion...yes its true the beauty is very important...but when we talk about acting...the actress must act in a real mode...which mean the facial expression is very important..its true beaty can make you popular...but in acting...to much preety it will make your expression look fake...I always believe a good/quality drama or film will make the actor/actress popular eventhough they are not handsome or preity

    8. The story is good, you look good, your acting must be good, all good.
      The story is good, you look good, your acting is bad, still good.
      The story is good, you look bad, your acting is good, still good.
      The story is good, you look bad, your acting is bad, can still manage to be good.
      The story is bad, you look good, your acting is good, still bad.
      The story is bad, you look bad, your acting is good, still bad.
      The story is bad, you look bad, your acting is bad, all bad.

      The story is most important above all. I think the honest truth in life is that the art of acting is not even that hard. Everything is just in the director's hand.
      If, the director can make the story interesting, the actors will earn the fruit of good acting when really, all their expressions were actually managed by the director.
      If, the story is just dumb, they fall into the zone of bad actors.

      So the problem lies in, if the actors can make expressions or not when the director ask them to...and that part isn't all that hard seriously, i.e. Ju Jingyi and Zheng Shuang's face are really stiff and cannot do all sort of expressions but at the minimum as long as they can still smile, laugh, and cry then that's it! They're totally fine as long as they are good looking, and can still do those 2-3 things.

      It's not like what some audience think, that actors need to cry for real for a crying scene...etc, most of the time actors will use tear drops and then just frown with a pretty face in order to cry beautifully...it's call acting, not trying to do something for real. They piece scenes together, it's not an all get one go.
      Most actresses today are afraid of looking ugly while crying or get injured, so they can come off annoying which is true, that can be called bad acting. But again, that applies to almost every single actresses today anyway. It's not as if all the most famous actresses today are realistic. I praise Zhou Dongyu for crying realistically, and all people only care is that she looks ugly.

      Just take a look at Wallace Huo, he is a very seasoned but after Legend of Ruyi people say he cannot act and needs acting lessons whatsoever. We all know he can act. He was just in a really bad project, and that doesn't mean he has no skills. That falls into this line, "The story is bad, you look good, your acting is good, still bad."

      Since acting isn't all that hard, everyone can just become actors right? It's a true statement. The biggest factor is the looks. Choosing the most good looking ones are most welcome unless there're under budget. That's why those who are not good looking enough will be willing to go do plastic surgeries.

      If you watch really old movies, real stunts man used to do acting too, those guys were good at acting and they can act! Their acting is even better than today's graduates from art school. Acting is not hard, the hard part is having that fighting or whatever special skill. It's just that the stunts man are not good looking, so today they no longer act, the beautiful people are the actor but their fightings or skills are below zero. Their skin are not even rough and they were passable to act out as people of big muscles, it's not amusing...but that's just what people like today...beautiful people.

      So, if I have to judge anyone by acting skill then today I would say very very few are good because nobody wants to look realistic. I look at their looks too, as long as nobody's face look like YuZheng they're good looking enough. I prefer natural people. I look at other things too, like people with good personalities up to Hu Ge. And in reality, actors need to have good connections to get good roles, so it's important for actors to understand gratefulness. Or, if they actually have lots of other talents and special skills besides being pretty and acting (that anyone can do), because that would mean it's true that they've possibly bypass the networkings and became famous from their own talent, which is most admirable.

    9. anonymous 1h...i'm still prefer to look at the real expression instead to be beauty at all time...for me I prefer to watch the actress that can cry really when they make a cry scene...because it will look real..the actress is not just as beauty but the good actress is someone can act naturally without care about her beauty or the camera in front if her..that is call acting...I prefer the real one...because in reality when we are cry we dont care about our look...thats what I want ..if the actress can cry naturally in crying scene..the audience will feel a true feeling and the audience also can cry along and can feel the delivery of the true emotion...

  2. The only way for her to continue to grow as an actress is to keep doing it and getting more coaching behind the scenes or in between roles. Taking time out isn't good as it can impact her 'rising star'. I will continue to root for her improvement.

  3. So true. She's beautiful and will do just fine modeling. There's plenty of people who would kill for all of the endorsements she has and she can definitely make a career out of modeling alone. Nothing wrong with suggesting she stick with something she's good at since acting doesn't seem to suit her. I check out every new show she's in only to find that there's not much improvement with each new project. She acts like she's in a photo shoot: very pretty but very staged with no depth.

  4. In an interview where the interviewer asked her what is her dream role, she said something along the lines of this:
    When I used to get asked this question, I would say that I want to try a role that would create social impact. Like the ASL challenge or other illnesses that aren't really known yet.
    But now I won't say I want roles like that, because I've realized that I haven't lived enough yet.
    Acting requires lots of life experiences to be able to portray the character properly. So even if I WERE given that "dream role" that I was talking about earlier, I would probably ruin the performance and ruin the character. So my main goal right now is to love more and acquire more life experiences to get ready for a role like that, if it comes.
    So she herself knows her faults and is willing to improve. In my mind, this is commendable and something to look up to.
    Hopefully she will be able to have her dream role someday and prove to people that she's not just a "flower vase" or eye-candy, but a respectable actress