Another Me Wraps Up Production With Shen Yue and Chen Duling

Another Me wraps filming Shen Yue Chen Duling
After 120 days and 3 locations, Another Me 七月与安生 has wrapped up filming on September 2, 2018. If you remember, they had their booting ceremony last May 6 at Ningbo which was one of their shooting locations in China along with Xian and their last stop was Chongqing.

Another Me wraps filming
I am sure they are all excited to be able to finally get some rest after 4 months of production especially the 4 lead actors, Shen Yue (Meteor Garden), Chen Duling (Myth of Sword), Dylan Xiong (One and Another Him) and Zou Ting Wei (Ashes of Love).

Another Me wraps filming Connor Leong
In the meantime, if you're a fan, Leon Leong is credited as special guest star so that's something for F4 fans to look forward to.

Another Me wraps filming
Another Me wraps filming Zou Tingwei
Another Me wraps filming Dylan Xiong
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