All Out Of Love and Battle Through The Heavens pushed back to make way for The Years You Were Late

Huang Xiaoming The Years You Were Late Poster
Crazy last-minute changes have just been made to the evening lineup for Hunan TV, and it affects two dramas which everyone thought was supposed to air as scheduled until now. All Out Of Love which sits at the primetime slot at 7:30 pm is being moved to 10pm starting tonight. The Years You Were Late led by Huang Xiaoming, Yin Tao and Qin Hailu will be taking over as a daily primetime drama. 

It's definitely not everyday that we see a drama being bumped from primetime to late evening but it seems that circumstances called for the change due to a push for dramas that commemmorate the 40 years of Chinese Economic reform.

The Years You Were Late Poster Yin Tao

The Years You Were Late Poster Qin Hailu

The Years You Were Late Poster

The Years You Were Late Poster

The Years You Were Late Poster
All Out Of Love's production company actually announced the change a few days ago on weibo, but removed it subsequently. No further announcement was made, but I guess this surprise premiere coming from The Years You Were Late is confirmation enough. 

All Out of Love Stills Wallace Chung

All Out of Love Stills Ma Tianyu

All Out of Love Stills Sun Yi

All Out of Love Stills Alan Yu Menglong

All Out of Love Stills

All Out of Love Stills
Starting next week, All Out Of Love led by Wallace Chung, Ma Tianyu and Sun Yi will air two episodes every Monday and Tuesday at 10pm on Hunan TV. 

Wu Lei Battle Through The Heavens

Battle Through The Heavens Jelly Lin Yun

Battle Through The Heavens Li Qin

Battle Through The Heavens Baron Chen
Battle Through The Heavens which initially had the slot at 10pm really seems to come out with the shortest end of the stick here as it is completely pushed out of tonight's lineup. Starting next week, the show led by Wu Lei, Lin Yun, Li Qin and Baron Chen will air two episodes every Wednesday and Thursday at 10pm. 

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  1. All Out Of Love should have daily drama schedule. It's gonna be a drag to see 70 eps drama only getting to air 4 eps a week.

  2. Wait, they could air Huang Xiao Ming's drama ? i thought because he was mentioned in a financial scandal (though he said it was his mother's) his drama will be in the back burner for a while, guess he really is innocent as he said.
    As for all out of love, it's much better if they can air 2 ep daily, if not that 70 episode will drag for a long while.

  3. Yikes! Why so orange looking tanning spray?!

  4. Noooooo!!!! I was struggling enough only getting six episode every week for battle through the heavens . Now there will only be 4 episodes per week ?????? DX T.T