After Kathy Chow left weibo last month, Wallace Huo also shuts down social media account

Wallace Huo Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace Emperor Qianlong
Just a few days ago, Wallace Huo Studio sent a birthday greeting to Yang Mi who plays opposite Wallace Huo in their new drama Ju Jiang. Everything seemed fine but later on that day, an announcement was made to share that Wallace Huo Studio is shutting down its social media account. Wallace Huo wishes to communicate with everyone solely through his work going forward. 

While the reason why the actor has chosen to shut down his online presence isn't clear, there are speculations that it may be due to his role as Emperor Qianlong in Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace. Then again, it could also be due to the actor being a private person to begin with. If history has taught us anything, it's that the internet can be a toxic place. 

Kathy Chow Ashes of Love Heavenly Empress
Last month, veteran actress Kathy Chow who plays the villainous Heavenly Empress in Ashes of Love also left weibo. She wrote a farewell message to convey her feelings after getting hated on for her character.

She said, "Growing up in an ordinary household with my mother and grandmother who are Buddhists, I was always taught to be kind but also to not be bullied by others. In the internet age, I understand that feelings can smother objectivity. As an artist, being stared at through microscopic lenses is part of the job, but when logic is being held down by emotions, I choose to back out. What else does one want in life, who cares for praise or insult. How are you stranger, thank you for your love and your unreasonableness. Goodbye weibo, continuing on my way." 

I also hated her guts in the drama, but seriously, I still like the actress in real life. It's not that hard to separate the two. 


  1. its one thing to crticise someone for their acting but I just dont get people who hate on actors/actresses for their roles it just doesn't make any sense

  2. She must be a pretty convincing actress then if this villainous role can confuse netz to not know the difference and to hate on her hahaha.

  3. There is also another actor from YanXi Palace who was receiving so much hate that he left weibo too. It's sad that people can't distinguish real people with fictional characters in the dramas. Without villains, main heros won't shine. Netizens should reframe from hating on those real people due to emotional attachment to the drama characters.

    1. Poor guy Wang Maolei. He acted so amazingly as Yuan Chunwang Solid preformance. He deserves a award.

  4. Because netizens are dumb. The majority of them have an obsession with OTPs. Jeez

  5. Chinese people don't know what "acting" means and what that is.

    When it comes to the stupidest, most brainless cutesy little actress with thousands of plastic surgery, then she gets praises for a heck of "really good acting" because she acts innocent and cute. Their real life attitude can even be bad and rude, but it's all ok because they are considered the most beautiful people ever.
    But for the people who are good at acting as villains, they get falsely criticized as bad actors. Robbed away their talent and effort, and all the way to them being label as bad people, and moreover, their whole family as bad people too. While, in reality they are the ones with good personalities.
    That's so disgusting, the internet is nasty!!!

    Kathy Chow had played evil Zhou Zhiruo before, internet wasn't as bad back then yet (or did it exist yet?), she is a senior and everybody loves her till today. That's why she came back to do dramas, but haters are everywhere today now. As long as you're with a cute look and play an innocent role, you are safe otherwise nobody should play as villains anymore.

  6. Poor Kathy Chow. What a classy message from her.

    Netizens should be ashamed of their disgusting behaviour and their stupidity. Do they not understand what acting is?

  7. It's too bad these people can put down these actors who play their roles exceptionally well especially in a villaness, antagonist, bad guy role which most times is difficult to portray, kudos, hats off, high-five to all of them, simply because for you to hate them, they did their utmost, praise-worthy job to the max, they are good actors/actresses and should be commended for it, they are special and should be treated with respect in the highest, I admire those actors who can do that, looking forward to their next film project, good luck to them all, good job, fighting; honorably.

  8. I don’t understand the not being able to distinguish between an actor and his role thing. But Wallace Huo is a pretty terrible actor and he hasn’t improved even after all these roles. He should read some of the criticisms as it might too him some good, he’s single handedly ruined many a scene in Ruyi. Dude needs acting lessons.

  9. Kathy is one of the best OG actresses there is... The young ones can learn so much from her. She is so freaken versitile in her roles! I've loved her acting since I was young. So sad the world of the internet(the world itself, sadly) is turning into such a hate-filled place.


  10. They are fantastic actors and played the hell out of those roles. That said, they are ACTING. This is not who they are, and folks need to stop attacking people for essentially doing their jobs well.

    Those roles were designed for you to hate those characters. Social media makes people think they know these people-we don't!

  11. To be a truly great actor or actress you need to be able to play the good and villain roles. Obviously Kathy was able to do so if it evokes so much emotion from netizens. But this is their job. For me, who grew up watching her dramas, she is truly brilliant. A pity that people today do not know how to distinguish real from reel.

  12. She did a stellar job, yes she's a villain! But at the end of the day, she had a job to do and she nailed it!! Bravo Kathy!! I loved hating the villainous Empress. Cant wait to find you in your other works!!