8 of Yu Zheng's best and worst dramas

Story of Yanxi Palace Yu Zheng drama
You may love him or hate him, but there's no denying Yu Zheng's past successes with dramas that he has produced, some of which he even wrote himself. Beauty's Rival in Palace starred Ruby Lin, Palace starred Yang Mi, Legend of Lu Zhen starred Zhao Liying and this year's summer hit Story of Yanxi Palace starred Wu Jinyan who's only just gotten her big break after a number of years in the industry. 

These are four of Yu Zheng's best and living proof that he does have a magic touch when it counts from choosing the right drama to having an eye for the right leading lady. 

4 best Yu Zheng dramas

Palace Gong  Yu Zheng drama

Legend fo Lu Zhen  Yu Zheng drama
But then there are the not-so-popular Yu Zheng dramas. The success of Story of Yanxi Palace seems to have gotten Yu Zheng into a contemplative mood as he also shares four dramas from his worst times. He laments that the hard work put into these dramas are no different than the rest, but the timing wasn't right. He urges people to put down their bias to give the shows a chance. 

4 worst Yu Zheng dramas

What do you think? Yay or nay? 

Cosmetology High Yu Zheng drama
Cosmetology High starring Jin Shijia, Yang Rong, Zhang Zhehan, Sheren Tang and Merxat Mi Re

 Yu Zheng drama Legend fo Banshu
Legend of Banshu starring Jing Tian and Zhang Zhehan

 Yu Zheng drama Above the Clouds
Above the Clouds starring Yuan Shanshan, Chen XiaoGuo Xiaodong, Jiang Mengjie, Zhang Zhehan and Merxat Mi Re

Demon Girl Yu Zheng drama
Demon Girl starring Li Yitong, Zhang Zhehan and Merxat Mi Re

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  1. Say what you will about Yu Zheng but he has an eye for stars. I love Legend of Lu Zhen - that was my first Zhao Li Ying drama! I always wanted to watch Legend of Banshu but it was never translated.

    I'm glad Legend of Yun Xi has given Zhang Zhehan a nice career boost because he was unlucky to work with Yu Zheng during the last 5 years which have been a slump for him.

  2. Legend of LuZhen was a great drama. It made the main cast popular, Zhao Liying benefiting the most since she had a few hits right after unlike the other actors. All his hits are palace drama maybe he should stick to that.

    1. "stick to that" No... The beginning got to be quite ok, although it is still so terrible how Shen Abi kept overreacting as the most annoying villain ever. Towards the end, I don't think the main guy need to have sexual intercourse with the villain, that's just overboard unneccessary and ruined an almost ok show.
      Also I didn't like the couple CX and ZLY because they argued and get mad at each other over the dumbest and most invalid reasons ever, it was unrealistic too. I think they are only a good match (by the face), they are good looking which is the only thing that made the show bearable and nice. But the story wasn't interesting and the style was terrifying. Bright blue with bright yellow is a huge no-no, no concept of color at all. And the hair look like there are some old telephones on top of their heads, 2 huge circle balls. To me Legend of LuZhen was one of the worse although the rating for that was high.

  3. Why isn't his worst drama on the list? Palace 3?

  4. From Ruby Lin, Yang Mi, Zhao Li Ying to Wu Jing Yan, Yu Zheng sure has a magical touch in propelling his leading ladies to stardom. He basically launches those actresses new found fame and career maybe except for Ruby since she’s already popular from My Fair Princess.

    1. Actually he brought Ruby back to her 2nd fame
      But let's not forget he failed to promote many actresses too like Yuan Shanshan and Yang Rong. So his dramas don't work all the time and the other actresses could make it big with out him too, based on their countless hits

    2. He never promoted YR. He probably did gave her a dumb main role written by some kids at the last minute or something.

      And he promoted YSS but she herself wasn't good looking enough to carry a show. Lots of his shows stinks but if the main leads are bearable to look at, then people would watch for those pretty idols. YSS didn't really make it to the line of an idol at the minimum, where people can hate the plot but at least like her face.

  5. i personally really enjoyed demon girl and watched it season multiple times especially the 2nd season... i feel like he could have made the ending a little better but i really enjoyed that type of romance story

  6. Legend of Ban Shu is definitely a yay for me! Such an underrated drama with a wonderful female lead. It deserves a second chance!

  7. i really enjoyed demon girl tho! it was a very good story, the first season i mean since i haven't watched the second season yet

  8. Frankly, I suspect Yu Zheng was trying to help Zhang Zhe Han who is in his agency. But ZZH never made it despite his acting skills in YZ's past shows.

    I am happy ZZH had a break out role in Legend of Yun Xi.He said he had acted in at least 25 dramas before Legend of YunXi.That's quite sad. And it's wonderful that ZZH 's next drama is with Yang Zi who did a great job in Ashes of Love. They will do well together as a team.