Zhou Dongyu Reunites With Soulmate Team For New Movie With Jackson Yee

Zhou Dongyu Movie after Soulmate

Zhou Dongyu (Behind the Scenes) and Jackson Yi Yang Qianxi (The Longest Day in Chang An) are sharing the lead in the new movie Shao Nian De Ni 少年的你 which more or less translates to The Youthful You

This coming-of-age movie directed by Derek Tsang tells the story of how one incident on the eve of a college entrance examination changes the lives of two teens. 

Jackson Yee Shao Nian De Ni

Jackson Yi plays Bei Yie, a struggling student while Zhou Dongyu plays the studious Chen Nian. Both students will have to grow up faster than everybody else to cope with the emotional trauma from one accident. It sounds so dramatic already! 

This is Jackson's first leading role which would come as a new challenge for the young actor. While she certainly looks the part, Zhou Dongyu play a character a decade younger than she is. She turned 26 this year while Jackson Yi who is a member of the TFBOYS is 17 years old. 

It would be interesting to see if this movie will perform as well as Soulmate wherein Zhou Dongyu won a Golden Horse Award for Best Actress since she will be working with the same team for this new movie. 

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  1. Omo, Jackson yi looks so more matured than his age on the poster. I saw him on Let go of my baby season 2. He himself was like a baby, but was taking care of little children. Immediately after he entered the baby house, i think one of the child meow meow was crying like hell and the others did not know how to appease her, but he held her in his arms swaying slowing and put her to sleep. that's when he caught my eyes. Really looking forward to his work.