Yang Mi together with The Pillow Book cast, is a cameo in order?

Yang Mi with The Pillow Book cast
Dilraba Dilmurat recently shared a group picture with Vengo Gao, Yang Mi and Wang Xiao. With the exception of Yang Mi, the three are busy filming their new drama Three Lives Three Worlds The Pillow Book 三生三世枕上书 in Hengdian World Studios. Now that Yang Mi has joined them, the group apparently has a big secret that they're not telling. Can we presume that it's a cameo!?  

Yang Mi with The Pillow Book cast Vengo Gao Dilireba
Let's piece together a few more clues from their chat.
Dilireba: Gugu has come, Jaywalk Studio family meeting me me da @YangMi @WangXiao @VengoGao
Yang Mi: So happy. At this moment, we need @LeonZhang. The reason, I'm not telling.
Leon Zhang: Heaven knows, earth knows, you know, we know. 
Yuan Yuxuan: What do you guys think? 
Wayne Liu Ruilin: I think the three of us need to be photoshopped into the picture. 
Yuan Yuxuan: I think that works, Dijun can you arrange it? 
Vengo Gao: Of course. 
Wang Xiao: Secret spy of the palace

Eternal Love stars reprise roles in The Pillow Book
Three Lives Three Worlds The Pillow Book already has a number of role reprisals from Eternal Love, but the best fan service would have to be Yang Mi returning as Bai Qian.  

Leon Zhang Yang Mi cameo The Pillow Book?
It looks like that's quite a possibility with Xuan Yuan Sword star Leon Zhang Yunlong being a bonus addition. Can we hope that Mark Chao will reprise his role too? Either Mo Yuan or Yehua will do. 

Will Mark Chao appear in The Pillow Book?
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  1. What’s so surprising when it’s a Jaywalk production? Yang Mi promoting them equals money for herself.

    1. The 2 dramas don't belong to the same production companies. Jaywalk isn't the main production company and it could cause problem for Yangmi. But to you all she cares is money right? If she does then she wouldn't promote them day and night when she only own very little of the company.
      It'd make sense if she owned the whole everything and them.

  2. Ooh Leon Zhang will make a cameo! I wonder which he would portray.

  3. In the novel, there is a few sences of Bai Qian, Ye Hua and Littlw Dumpling

  4. I will take any cameo of BQ, YH, Ali or MY lol Looking forward to it!


    Judging from the fact that Leon Zhang once played Dilraba's love interest, in the movie Mr Pride and Miss Prejudice, I'm guessing he would play Ye Qingti, the general Fengjiu was married to during her trial in the mortal world. So Fengjiu decides to pretend she was having an affair with another Imperial concubine in order to cut her ties with the Emperor (he was supposed to be Donghua's incarnation during his trial but the whole thing was a simple excuse for Donghua who was actually hibernating to recuperate his spiritual energy). The Emperor could not bear to punish Fengjiu that he adored so he gave her to a dedicated general, as his concubine. The general was interested in her because she had this fairy feeling but before he could enact on his feelings, he died protecting her in an incident. Fengjiu felt very bad for him because she knew his love for her so she promised to repay her debt by making him an immortal, which she does.

    1. But she doesn't fall in love with him because she later realized that Donghua is still in love with her, despite the misunderstandings between them.

  6. yES, YES,, YES!!! Yehua Baiqian cameo please!! hahaha looking forward <3

  7. You bet she is, Bai Qian is coming back with or without YH and Ali. Looked at her costume, she"s wearing the same as DRDM/BFJ. I'm guessing YM was shooting her scene with them on that day.

  8. Which episode will Yang Mi be at?? I saw ep1, not sure if I like it as we have to go all over again .. she hasn't met him yet ..so .. they should have left out FJ and DH's stuff in the previous drama ... now we have to watch again ..
    Also the timeline ...are different from the s1, when she went up there before, her aunt is not officially married to YH, her human form is .. now in this drama, I presumed she is officially married to him ...FJ is just about to go up to the heaven realm... I was disappointed, i thought we would see the wedding of YH and BQ. I did listen to ch1 of the novel, it was there.

    1. They ar going with a lineal (chronologycal), not the same as the book, where the past gets disclosed as we advance on the story from BQ&YH wedding