Web traffic stats: Sweet Combat is the leading drama online

Sweet Combat Luhan Chinese TV series
Sweet Combat which is down to its last few days is currently the leading drama online. Legend of Fuyao ended its run this week and perhaps the next big premiere to watch for is The Rise of Phoenixes which is a drama based on a novel by Tian Xia Gui Yuan 天下归元 who also wrote Fuyao. Even so, Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost seems poised to become the leading drama soon. Which one's your top pick? 

Sweet Combat Chinese TV Series 5 billion
Sweet Combat has reached 5 billion views 17 days after premiere. 

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese web Series

Story of Yanxi Palace has reached 3 billion views 19 days after premiere.   

Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost Chinese TV Series
Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost aka Ashes of Love has reached 2 billion views 9 days after premiere. 

Fuyao Chinese TV series
Legend of Fuyao which aired its series finale this week has reached 13 billion views after almost 2 months of airing. 

Meteor Garden Chinese TV series
Meteor Garden has reached 3 billion views 28 days after premiere. 

Sand Sea Chinese web series network traffic
Sand Sea has reached 1.5 billion views 21 days after premiere. 

Martial Universe Chinese tv series web traffic
Martial Universe network traffic
Martial Universe has reached 500 million views 3 days after premiere. 

Partners Joe Cheng online views
Partners has reached 100 million views 5 days after premiere. 

Bloody Romance Chinese web series online views
Bloody Romance has reached 800 million views 18 days after premiere. 


  1. Happy for Sweet Combat. I've been binging it up to episode 26.

  2. Legend of Fuyao, wow

    And Meteor Garden seems not that hit or popular considering its online views.

  3. Meteor Garden remake seems to overhyped on the net, considering its slow online views.

  4. Isn't it inaccurate to compare online views with the amount of days it's been released? Some dramas only air 3 days a week and others air episodes daily so more naturally those will be more views

    1. hi chloe, fair enough, i am looking for the best way too. But if not by day, how?

  5. Hi, woops sorry if that message came off a bit harsh, was only just pondering haha maybe by episodes released so far?

    1. aw, no worries, i didn't think it was harsh haha You make a valid point, that's why i was genuinely wondering what would be a good way. I thought of tracking by episodes before but sometimes all episodes get released on day 1, or some are available for members only. I guess the date matters too. Let me think about it some more haha I will stick to this for now. And thanks for brainstorming with me:)

  6. I mean maybe u can specify how many eps has been released so far so we get a better idea? But ofc u dont have to just suggestions