Web traffic stats: Story of Yanxi Palace takes the crown online

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese series network views
We are more than halfway through Story of Yanxi Palace but there's still quite a number of episodes to go and plenty of room for growth in viewership considering that the drama has 70 episodes in totalThe show has reached 5.5 billion views 25 days after premiere and currently leads among the dramas online.

Ashes of Love Chinese series network views
Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost aka Ashes of Love has reached 4 billion views 15 days after premiere. Couldn't resist using the older poster for 3 billion because of Deng Lun in all his majestic glory.

Sweet Combat Chinese series network views
Sweet Combat has reached 6 billion views on the day of its finale episode. 

Sand Sea Wu Lei
Sand Sea hasn't provided an update to last week's numbers.  

Meteor Garden Chinese series network views
Meteor Garden has reached 4 billion views 38 days after premiere. 

Martial Universe Chinese series 1 billion views
Martial Universe Chinese series network views
Martial Universe has reached 1 billion views 10 days after premiere. For what it's worth, the show may not be doing well on tv, but online views are rising at a decent pace. 

Accidentally in Love Chinese series network views
Accidentally in Love has reached 600 million views 9 days after premiere. Not bad a quirky rom-com without any big names. You may recognize the main guy, Guo Junchen, from Go Princess Go!

Partners Chinese series network views
Partners has reached 900 million views 19 days after premiere. 


  1. I'm pretty sure HSALF will reach over 10 billion towards the end. Hopefully their snu snu scenes will spike the views up cuz you know fans are pervs! 😘

    No ratings for Rise of the Phoenix?

  2. Heavy sweetness ash-like frost is so good. The chemistry between the leads is great. Supporting cast is awesome too. Next week, they will go back to the heaven. I'm already feeling pain over that soon-to-be tragedy. I think my heart is prepared. But, when the time comes, I'm gonna cry hard. My poor phoenix.

  3. can anyone sell me on Yanxi Palace? i dont really like the outfits of this time but beside that, idk what's holding me back from watching lol anyone who watched it can share?

    1. Watch it if you're tired of seeing the female lead be extremely weak and in need of rescue all the time. The lead in Yanxi is extremely clever, speaks for herself, and acts when she needs to. Even though some people might say that things go her way too often (as do most palace dramas with scheming), it's still very realistic in the way her relationships with people progress and sometimes fall apart. Also, the scheming aspect isn't cringy (villains in palace dramas tend to overact, imo)

      In general, the plot is tight, the acting is superb (much better than idol dramas), and there's much less need of a fast forward button :) Watch the first episode and decide. It is very fast-paced despite it's hefty 70-episode count.

    2. I see that the female is not a damsel in distress, but sometimes I don’t buy the way she talks back. Like you wouldn’t be alive. Only in dramas lol

    3. If you like strong female leads this is for you. People are finding things to complain about it because this is a show lead by YZ. If we have to talk about reality, yes yes the female lead would've been dead a long time ago, but that's the reality in every single other show!

      In the very least what I liked YXGL more than other shows, everyone including the main actress do not try to attempt any unrealistic cutesy acting. If, the main actress does so, they are realistic though. And more over, she would pretend to be cute because her character was doing them for some purposes, such as manipulating and seducing men. The characters are well built, you might find the main character starting off as a really mature person from the start already and nowhere to grow. Interesting thing is she remains fun and engaging. She is so good at being a detective and solving crimes, she continued to do them most of the time up till 40+, the changes in her is you start seeing her plot against others instead of being detective only. It gets intense in a way that you wonder if she will get caught, because the other characters aren't that dumb either (except the king). This is not a Qian Long drama so I don't care what people are saying about how weak he is. I don't need to see time wasting draggy things about him, the harem revolving around him is enough. And at least he's not old ugly like what we see in Zheng Huan. Nie Yuan is handsome, not young anymore but still manly and quite hot.

  4. Online views are really low this year? I remember there was Eternal Love and Princess Agents reaching 40-50 billion views last year. This year's highest seem to be Fuyao with 14 billion only.

    1. I think it shows how some of these dramas aren’t really blockbuster hits in terms of ratings. They had a good run, which is just about it.

      HASLF might be able to break that rating slump though.

    2. I hope Ashes of Love becomes a huge hit soon. I loved Eternal Love and imo Ashes of Love has the same elements that made me love Eternal Love.

    3. Ten Miles Of Peach Blossom is a mega hit drama till now the web rating still moving up though its been airs last year. Fu Yao is also very successful even the Sweet Dreams drama even its rating is over 5 billion when the show ended.

    4. Heavy Sweetness Ashlike Frost is currently facing a decline in ratings because they added too many unnecessary scenes in the human realm part and made everything super draggy. Imo they tried to copy Eternal Love in creating a second couple (Feng Jiu x Di Jun vs Demon Princess and Qi Ying), but in the case of HALSF, they weren't able to engage the viewers with the second CP storyline. Plus there are way many scenes of the older generation CP as well. Audience is complaining about the lack of screentime for both leads causing the storyline to drag. Too bad Chinese dramas are pre-produced if not they really should cut some of these scenes.