Shen Yue and Johnny Huang May Team Up for New Drama Cleaning Elfs

Shen Yue Johnny Huang Up for Cleaning Elfs
There is an ongoing talk that Johnny Huang and Shen Yue may be playing a couple soon as some internal documents for a potential new drama are going around online. There's no official announcement yet but we can assume that both leads are in consideration for the roles. If it pushes through, the drama will be a remake of a South Korean drama, Cleaning with Passion for Now. The tentative title for the Chinese version is Cleaning Elfs 热情的清扫吧

In the South Korean and Chinese version, it seems the story is the same. It's about a guy who's a germophobe and yet, ironically, owns a cleaning company.  He meets this girl who is bright and perky and does not mind getting dirty. The guy learns to face his fear of germs with the girl's help and of course, they fall in love.

Johnny Huang Up for Cleaning Elfs
The story seems interesting and I would definitely watch this. I hope they get the rights from the copyright owners so it won't have the usual issues of infringements. The Korean version which has yet to air stars Kim Yoo Jung and Yoon Kyun Sang. It is based on the popular webtoon by Aengo which was first published in 2015.

I can imagine Shen Yue playing this part perfectly because it is already her personality. I am not sure if Johnny Huang's the perfect candidate for the male lead but I can see him in the role. 

Shen Yue Up for Cleaning Elfs
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  1. sounds like the plot of Fox fall in love lol

  2. No matter how fit Shen Yue with this role personality, the character will still be ruined because her acting is bad. Her casting is been blasted by cnetz on Weibo saying she is not lead-worthy. Not just visual wise but acting skill wise too.

    She's going to be compared a lot with Kim Yoojung later. Kim Yoojung is prettier and far better at acting than Shen Yue.

    1. I never doubt Shen Yue's acting skill...I've watched both A love so beautiful and Meteor Garden. I feel like her acting skill is great especially in sad scene in Meteor Garden. And she is a hardworking rookie actress. I really hope C-netz appreciate their own treasure when other international fan support her a lot.

  3. I've always thought Cnetz dislike Shen Yue only because she's not pretty and has bad proportions... until I watched Meteor Garden and realized she's a really bad actress as well.

    But then again Huang Jingyu is also pretty wooden in his last drama where I can't believe even Victoria Song out-acted him.

  4. Shen Yue's acting is pretty natural in A Love So Beautiful but turns whatever in Meteor Garden. Awkward and doesn't have broad range of emotion. Maybe she just suits playing dumb role.. It's better she starts from supporting role and slowly improves her way up. Annoying to see bad actors keep playing lead role.

  5. Although I agree that her acting is weak and still need improvement before landing another lead role, I think you guys are bit too mean. It's obvious the writer of this post is a fan of Shenyue. She's probably boiling reading the comments.

  6. I don't think Shen Yue is the greatest actress but I don't think she's much worse than many of the other popular young actresses. I think people are harder on her because she isn't a "visual" so they don't understand why she is successful with minimal talent or beauty (I don't agree as I think she is pretty).

    The Chinese adaptation already sounds more appealing to me than the Korean version. At least there is no gross age gap with a teenager getting together with a man in his 30s like the Korean version.

  7. Shen Yue is only pretty in pics which have gone through a lot of editing. When you see her in dramas, she's not considered lead-worthy kind of pretty at all. Her proportion is so so bad. When she run with her short legs, she just looks ugly. She has no presence nor distinctive aura. She can be lead for webdrama but she's not up for tv drama lead. Though she really matches trash production like meteor garden because of her lack of talent. General netizens and acting industry wont take her seriously nor she'll ever win any major acting award.. Most of the young actors and actresses in recent years do half ass job when it comes to acting and they only care about popularity instead of improvng their skill which are fxking annoying

  8. I'm surprised that a Chinese adaptation of "Clean Passionately For Now" has been announced when the Korean one has not premiered yet. I wonder if the webtoon is also very known in China or it's just interest in Korean webtoons following the popularity of "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim" in China too. I don't see the problem with Shen Yue being cast because she fits the bubbly personality and appearance of the female lead, and in here, the age difference between the leading actors is not much.
    I just hope the Chinese drama gives its own fresh take of the story because it can get boring watching the same mechanics unfold.

  9. People here who call SY ugly should be a bit more reasonable and look into a mirror. What is beautiful is different in many people's eyes. For me she looks adorable. She looks natural (in face AND proportions) and not like the living dolls of entertainment industry and when she smiles it warms my heart. That is what beauty is for me. And I think that is what many others think so too since they giving her roles. And there are very little actors who started great. She is still young, give her time.
    Of course, playing SC is a difficult since she is not really a likeable character or someone who most of us really could understand or connect with. So taking this role may have been not the best idea for a beginner. I think it is also a bit the director's fault since the entire Drama seems lacking emtional envolvement.

  10. can't believe people calling her ugly!? what the fuck!! she's so beautiful..

    1. I know right? She is not tall, but she definitely is not ugly.

  11. Gayet başarılı bir oyuncu çok beğeniyorum sevimli tatlı güzel biri daha iyi dizilerde ve filmlerde yer alır insallah kimse kötü yorumlarda bulunmasın (herkes ilk önce kendisine bir baksın başarısız insanlar başarılı olan insanlara kötü yorumlarda bulunur.)

  12. I can't believe people still have the audacity to call another person ugly and un-proportional in this time of day. Just because she does not have the face or height society claims one should have to be a celebrity does not give any one of you the rights to say such disgusting things about her. She's still young and still has a long way to go in her career. This is why we can never have anything nice.

  13. i think that shen yue is very hardworking. I believe that she constantly tries to upgrade her skills and although her acting skills may be a little poorer than what some of us expects, I strongly believe that with her hard work and determination, she will be able to present a work that would make us all proud of her.

  14. I was laughing while reading the comments. I don't know about these judgmental people and their foul minds and hearts but I believe that Shen Yue's beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Chinese are pure and for someone who's a rookie like Shen Yue, she hasn't undergone any SURGERIES to become what you call "Face and Proportions of an Actress" unlike your you-know-whatever-idols you shitheads have. Stop being so nega. Do something productive for a change will you?

  15. I seriously can't with these commenters lol.

    " When you see her in dramas, she's not considered lead-worthy kind of pretty at all. Her proportion is so so bad. When she run with her short legs, she just looks ugly. She has no presence nor distinctive aura. "

    Short girls are adorable. I honestly think that SY is beautiful. I hope everything she stars in continues to be a hit. I will surely support and watch every drama she's in from America.

    You can't deny that she is responsible for the success of her dramas. Any male lead that is lucky to work with her has automatically shot to immediate overnight stardom.

    TEAM SY.

  16. Shen Yue is the prettiest Chinese actress for me.
    Never in my life I thought I would like a Chinese actress.
    She's so natural and easy to look at.
    All other Chinese actresses look like plastic monsters.

  17. Yue yue is such a natural beauty. All of us might have different preferences. But Dropping those hasrsh word didnt made Yue yue Less than she is ������

  18. Ok well... let my remind you that no one is PERFECT. You may think that she only looks pretty in pics but others may have a different preference. In fact when I watched her In meteor garden I thought her beauty was so so refreshing and so nice to look at! She’s different. I agree that she doesn’t look like all those other fake Chinese actresses that look like plastic monsters! And In terms of her acting skills.. well yes of course everyone starts from the bottom! She just STARTED HER ACTING CAREER! You can aspect her to be a top notch actress when she is just a rookie! And I seriously don’t know what your talking about cuz when I watched meteor garden, not only did I think she looked beautiful but she also did a good acting job. Maybe not the best (because she’s a starter) but still reasonable. Like it wasn’t so bad that I felt like I had to stop watching. And I finished the show and overall I really thought she did well. Well I don’t care. Your opinion is your opinion but don’t be quick to judge to people when you don’t know how hard they work and what they’ve been through!!

  19. Dont hate shen yue please.. Can we be all a good netizens that lead to a good role for the young audiences..
    Been watching shen yue's shows and theres nothing wrong with her acting skills.
    Actually the ALSB tv show her emotions is more into role than the lead man quite note so good.
    And MG tv show her acting pesonally fits more. Shes more like into rom-com shows.
    I think she deserves to be part of casting in cleaning elfs chinese version.
    Her popularity around the world has made her to be on top.
    I would recommend her! Fighting!!! ��

  20. It will be so exciting for both shen yue and the lead man for cleaning elfs.
    I love shen yue's acting skills.
    I love the way she act as rom-com it fits more to her.
    I really love her in ALSB and MG!
    So please make it happen, hoping that she will film the chinese version of cleaning elfs.
    All over the world has been waiting for her to lead in a rom-com tv show. This is the perfect role for her.
    Im watching right now the korean version, and i imagine shen yue will be the lead female cast.
    Shen yue is beautiful inside and out.
    Wishing that she will get this project. She deserves it! =)