Rocket Girls back as 11 - Meng Meiqi, Wu Xuanyi and Zining no longer leaving

Rocket Girls 11 again
In what seemed like a fiasco that was sure to escalate into one expensive lawsuit after it was revealed that 3 members of Rocket Girls were suddenly leaving the band effective August 7, 2018, the problem seems to have resolved itself. Zhou Tian, Yuehua and Mavericks Entertainment released a joint statement today to announce that Meng MeiqiWu Xuanyi and Winnie Zining are staying with the band to continue with group activities as 11 members. 

The three ladies and their management companies apologize for any issue caused by the early contract termination and that they will respect the terms of the contract. Tencent and the producers behind Produce 101 remain steadfast in their dream to create a new generation girl group in China.

Rocket Girls members not leaving
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