Kris Wu, Nazha and many celebs clamp down on dating rumors, Lin Gengxin has it worse

Kris Wu Gulnezer Bextiyar clamp down dating rumors
These days, rumors are coming out left and right with some are downright strange. Let's start off with a old rumor that Kris Wu and Gulnezer Bextiyar or Nazha are dating. After Kris Wu's new song, Hold Me Down, was released this month, netizens even drew inspiration from the lyrics about finding the right girl to back up the speculations that he's dating Nazha. 

Kris Wu Gulnezer Bextiyar clamp down dating rumors
Kris Wu Studio posted on Weibo, "Is Hold Me Down so sweet that people are starting to have hallucinations? Of course, it's fake!" Nazha Studio had something similar to say, "Done. Gossipers should have a limit. Please go away. Good night"

Bai Jingting clamp down dating rumors with Yoyo Sham
It seems that people have always liked a May-December love affair. Bai Jingting (born 1993) is allegedly dating Yoyo Sham (born 1984). They sang the song, Chasing the Light for the 2017 drama Rush to the Dead of Summer, which also starred Bai Jingting.

Bai Jingting Studio calls it, "Fake."

Xu Qing Eddie Peng deny dating Hidden Man
Eddie Peng (born 1982) and Xu Qing (born 1969) supposedly fell in love during the filming of their movie, Hidden Man 邪不压正, where they had several steamy love scenes. Staff from both sides have called it fake news. 

Lin Gengxin deny marriage rumors
Lin Gengxin is allegedly married!  The rumor has gotten so out of hand that his studio had to release this statement where it was explained that the information on his civil status was apparently obtained from the hospital information sheet of China-Japan Friendship Hospital. It was already confirmed that it was simply a erroneous entry on the part of the hospital, but it had somehow leaked. 

The netizen who made the original post has deleted the entry but it hasn't stopped the false information from spreading. Lin Gengxin and his studio are preparing to take legal action to find the culprit who leaked the information as it is illegal to release medical information without the patient's knowledge or consent. 

Lin Gengxin deny marriage rumors
The internet age allows anybody, like myself, to share celebrity news to anybody who'd listen. It can be exasperating how people can make news out of nothing. 

However, the worst is probably's Lin Gengxin's rumor. I think it's detestable the lengths that people will go to get information about their idols. This goes especially for people in the medical profession. People trust you with their medical information and it's your responsibility to protect these from everybody including yourself.  Whoever you are, shame on you! 

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