Karry Wang Gave Away First Kiss for Eagles and Youngster?

Karry Wang first kiss Eagles and Youngster
Eagles and Youngster 天坑鹰猎 has started airing. This is Karry Wang Junkai's first time playing the leading role in a drama without the TFBoysFrom the previews, there is one scene where Wang Junkai's character Zhang Baoqing rescues his leading lady (played by Vicky Wen Qi) and performs CPR on her. Given that Karry Wang started out so early and remains to be extremely popular, netizens are wondering if that was his first kiss! 

Karry Wang first kiss Eagles and Youngster
Director Gary Sing was quick to clarify that it's not. What viewers see onscreen was a faux kiss which means that they use angles to make it seem as if the leads were locking lips when they weren't. He said that Karry Wang's first kiss is something he can leave to the person that he likes. Methinks the same for his leading lady who's just 14. 

The director also shared that Wang Junkai performed most of the stunts himself. This is something I admire especially from a young actor.

I don't want to spoil anymore, so catch it on Youku. :) 

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