Jimmy Lin and Ashton Chen Nostalgic Reunion at Jackie Chan's Movie Week

Jimmy Lin Shaolin Popeye Reunion Ashton Chen
If you were went to high school in the 1990s like me, you probably had a crush on Jimmy Lin as well. I mean, who wouldn't right?! The dimples, his adorable baby face and let's not forget the hair! 

Jimmy Lin Shaolin Popeye Reunion
Fast forward to 20 odd years and he still looks pretty much the same except for the hair. I don't know about you but I still prefer his old hair. Anyway, so last week at Jackie Chan's 4th Annual International Action Movie Week, Jimmy Lin had a mini reunion with an old cast mate from Shaolin Popey from 1994. Ashton Chen is 1/2 of 1990s favorite and lovable shaolin twins (or so I thought!). 

Jimmy Lin Shaolin Popeye Ashton Chen Steven Hao
In case you can't tell, Aston Chen is the one who actually knew martial arts while the funny and adorable one is Steven Hao. I don't remember the entire movie anymore but I definitely remember the two kids. I really thought they were twins in real life (how naive was I!) and they were quite popular back then that they were asked to visit Manila back in the 90s (where I'm from haha).

Jimmy Lin Jackie Chan Action Movie Week

The day would not be complete if Jimmy does not take a photo with the man of hour, Jackie ChanJimmy also took photos with some lovely ladies like Michelle Yeoh and Adi Kan Qingzi. And another photo with Jacky Wu Jing.

Jimmy Lin Michelle Yeoh Jackie Chan Action Movie Week

Jimmy Lin Adi Kan Qingzi Jackie Chan Action Movie Week

Jimmy Lin Jacky Wu Jing Jackie Chan Action Movie Week
Jimmy Lin racecar driver
Jimmy Lin racecar driver
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  1. Jimmy aged like fine wine. Wonder what's his secrets haha . Shaolin popey is one of my favorite movie back in the 90s.

  2. I remembered that drama. It also stars Charlie Cheung.

  3. He aged so damn well, his visual back in his early day was top noth. I miss Kimi too

  4. I loved Jimmy Lin way back in Demi Gods and Semi Devils when he was starring alongside Crystal Liu Yifei. Wow! Bless his baby face, he looks like he's hardly aged at all since then! :D

    1. Same!!! I wonder how possible is a reunion..? I watched all their subsequent collaborations! I think there was a movie somewhere too :D

  5. Ah. My first crush way back when!!! He emerged!! He does not age at all! What fountain of youth has he been drinking?!? Thanks for sharing.