Ivy Chen confirms that she's pregnant after news breaks out

Ivy Chen pregnant
Ivy Chen who has been dating Director Hsu Fu-Hsiang for more than a year just announced that she's expecting (see video). It's not the first time the actress was thought to be pregnant since like most celebs, she's been the target of speculations just for wearing loose-fitting clothes (see here). She denied it then, but today, news broke out that a friend of her boyfriend's has leaked to the media that she's 3 months pregnant. The couple are said to be preparing to get married and that Ivy Chen has turned down many projects to focus on the pregnancy. 

Ivy Chen shared that she had planned to make the announcement after registering their marriage on Chinese V-day (Aug 17), but now that the cat's out of the bag, it feels a bit like someone opened her presents before she did. It's a happy occasion regardless, and a big congrats to the soon-to-be family of three, plus dog, of course. 

Ivy Chen pregnant
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  1. You really can't do anything it's your friend's bf who knows about your personal life. It would be nice if people close to celeb don't just leak stuff to media for attention. With the fame and popularity, you really don't know when your personal life will be exposed to the public.