Granting You a Dreamlike Life (2018)

Granting You a Dreamlike Life
Granting You a Dreamlike Life 许你浮生若梦 is a 42-episode Chinese drama that follows a woman who discovers an old diary and turns the pages to read about a moving romance in the life of Tian Ying. This stars Zhu Yilong, An Yuexi, Eva Chenge Yanqiu, Kevin Kam-Yin Chu, Alen Fang Yilun, Madina, Ben Li Delong and Leon Li Gan.

Granting You a Dreamlike Life
An Yuexi plays a Chinese-American food critic and senior editor for a food magazine, Lin Jingyun. She grew up in France but comes to Shanghai to taste the local cuisines and rediscover her heritage.  She finds an old diary owned by Duan Tian Ying (also played by An Yuexi) and reads about her life in Shanghai in the 1920s. 

Granting You a Dreamlike Life Zhu Yilong An Yuexi
In the diary, Tian Ying is torn with her feelings for two friends, Luo Fu Sheng (played by Zhu Yilong) and Xu Xingcheng (played by Kevin Kam-Yin Chu). She is beginning to fall for the gentle and sweet Xu Xingcheng but she's intrigued by the arrogance displayed by Luo Fu Sheng. However, Hong Lan (played by Eva Cheng) is secretly in love with Luo Fu Sheng

Meanwhile, Duan Tianci (played by Alen Fang Yilun) imagines himself engaged to Tian Ying and kidnaps her so he can protect her. 

Zhu Yilong Granting You a Dreamlike Life
I always love a good love triangle story and this does looks interesting since it seems like it's grappling with reincarnation as well with Tian Ying being the earlier reincarnation of Lin Jingyun. Although I feel Zhu Yilong lacks the credibility to come off as the arrogant Luo Fu Sheng because he always looks reserved and sad. I think he would have been a better Xu Xingcheng and  Kevin Kam-Yin Chu would totally pull off the arrogant Luo Fu Sheng. 

Haha! Do you agree?

Release Date: September 7, 2018 Youku

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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Zhu Yilong

Granting You a Dreamlike Life An Yuexi

Granting You a Dreamlike Life Eva Cheng

Granting You a Dreamlike Life Kevin Kam Yin Shu

Granting You a Dreamlike Life  Alen Fang Yilun

Granting You a Dreamlike Life Madina
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  1. With only 1 Guardian drama nothing could be a reason of doubt for Zhu Yi Long's credibility. He acted as 3 characters and one of them was a psychopath Ye Zun so arrogant Luo Fusheng must be as easy as pie for him.

    1. Lol agree about this. I'm still in awe how Zhu Yilong was able to compartmentalize between those three characters. I admit Prof Shen and the Envoy is technically the same person with different identities that they show to the public. But Yezun. Damn. I even sometimes question if it's really still him talking for Yezun because I swear he doesn't sound like how Yilong is at all. He's just... Completely different.. That arrogant power hungry psychopathic mothefucker. Lol. I actually feel like acting as this arrogant Luo Fusheng will be a downgrade from Yezun. Just my two cents.

  2. (Another Anon)
    He's gonna kill it! I can't wait to watch. I agree with you both, there's no need to worry at all.

  3. I think zhu yilong is a versatile he can do very well in all the roles that will be given to him

  4. I guess I'm the only one looking forward to this because of the female lead lol!

    1. Nope! I perked up when I saw the female lead too! I haven't seen her in a recent drama and I loved her in Rakshasha Street!

  5. I saw in a video that this drama was made before guardian. So for guardian he was more experienced. But i'm sure he did pretty well. Can't wait