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The Evolution of Our Love TV Viewership
With Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost quickly racking up online views upon its premiere, it's no surprise that the show is also doing well on television and currently sits as the new number one drama now that The Drug Hunter has ended. The Evolution of Our Love actually took over The Drug Hunter's time slot on Dragon TV, but it has been seeing a downward spiral all week to garner CSM52 ratings in the low 0.3%-0.4%.

Sweet Combat seems to have also dipped in ratings now that primetime is getting crowded with idol dramas and Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost takes the lion's share. Even so, web rankings continue to be dominated by Sweet Combat. Lead actor Luhan tops the celebrity list, followed by leading lady Guan Xiaotong at number six. A member of the F4 has made the top 10. Can you guess who? 

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1. Luhan

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  1. I've watched Sweet Combat up until ep 21. Luhan and Gxt are so adorable together. My complain is lack of screentime of Luhan as MC. I feel like there's too much unnecessary scene of Fangyu (like thousand of backflash scene, chipped mug, her and Yanan scene etc). I want to see Ming Tian kicked Yichen ass instead.

  2. I am not surprised that HSALF is doing good since it is actually really good so far.

  3. I see 'Partners' hit # 2 last week... I hope for the success of that drama...jiayou!

  4. I have enjoyed Youth 2018 which is sort of similar to Ode To Joy but has a younger cast set during university days. It is a remake of Korea drama Hello My Twenties (Age Of Youth).

  5. I am following Evolution of Our Love daily. It’s a remake of In Time With You and I am really enjoying the remake so far. Chen Bo Lin works at airport whereas Zhang Ruo Yun works at clinic as a dentist. ZRY is totally stealing my heart as my new fav C-actor. I have seen him in Novoland and 15 yrs of Migratory Birds but this one take the cake with his Luo Fei character. Zhang Tian Ai is surprisingly good too. I am kinda skeptical about her but she doesn’t lose to Ariel. I hope this drama is getting the attention it deserves in a sea of big budget summer dramas.

    HSALF is following the novel very closely. I hope it will create more buzz once Jin Mi realizes her feelings which is about half way thru the drama. Deng Lun and Yang Zi are so cute together, can’t wait until Xu Feng becomes demon lord and Jin Mi becomes a goddess. Rise of Phoenixes is airing soon but hopefully that one won’t overshadow HSALF.

  6. Connor Leong Jingkang has Jing Boran vibe. But honestly all new F4 cast members need to improve their acting. They are awkward and kinda robotic when acting but they got visual and height as rising 小鲜肉.

  7. I'm happy Bloody Romance is #9 hpe can climb more. Is a really good drama.

  8. Why out of all the F4 actors is Connor Leong trending? Weird.

    1. Yes,that got me confused too. I think Dylan Wang should be on the list too!