A Very Different Yang Mi in The Upcoming Movie Baby

New movie Baby Yang Mi
Yang Mi stars in her first literary film with Baby 宝贝儿. The poster reads, "If I am not perfect, am I not your baby?"

In the movie, Yang Mi plays Jiang Meng. She herself was abandoned by her own parents due to a congenital defect when she meets a baby girl with a congenital disease in the hospital's ER. She sees the father hurriedly leaving the hospital with the baby and immediately worries for the baby's safety. In a frantic search, she starts to discover the truth about her own identity. 

New Chinese movie 2018 Baby
New Chinese movie 2018 Baby

New Chinese movie 2018 Baby Yang Mi
The movie which premieres in Chinese theaters on October 19, 2018 is already a film entry at the Toronto International Film Festival and the San Sebastian International Film Festival.  It also stars Guo Jingfei as Mr Xu, Lee Hong-Chi as Xiao Jun. 

Coincidentally, Guo Jingfei's last movie was 21 Carat, a romantic comedy with Dilraba Dilmurat as his leading lady. It's interesting that he and Yang Mi are challenging completely different roles as this seems to be tackling a serious social issue about saving an infant from a perceived death sentence. 

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  1. Can't wait to see her in this kind of film :))

  2. I hope Yang Mi's breakthrough role in Baby will get her the acting recognition she deserve from film critics. And slap those haters who said she can't act!

  3. Oh I almost didn't recognized her. Looking forward to this film with a strong social message.

  4. i am excited to watch your movie yang mi again i really like all your movie and drama a lot.. your the best actress ever...😍😘😉

  5. I’ll pass tired of seeing that bitch on every dam tv series. You’ll that hoe would spend time with her child. Smfh.

    1. Whoosh...that's lots of hate right there. I hope you are a really good parent who spend time with your children and teach them the right thing.

      Everybody works, 8 hours a day of work and only 4-5 hours before it gets dark. Most of the time, during that 4-5 hours, we can't even spend time with family but have other errands to run to such as school, volunteer, groceries, etc. Everybody in the world spend lots of time for work just like YM, I hope everybody is not all bitches and hoes.
      Maybe she is different that she doesn't have to work, and can just play 24/7 with her kid because she won't go poor. But who would really do such thing while they're still young and can still work? One should work while they still can and only retire when they really should. As a parent, going to work sets up a good example to your kids, don't make them believe in doing nothing and just get money that fall from the sky.