Yang Mi Scary Reflection in Legend of Fuyao

Yang Mi beautiful
It's almost a month since Legend of Fuyao 扶摇 and our titular character Fuyao being played by Yang Mi looks beautiful as always. A recent promotional photo features Yang Mi in the water surrounded with flower petals. One photo that has her in a side profile is stunning.

Yang Mi water scene legend of fuyao
The other one features Yang Mi facing forward at an angle. You would think nothing of it except that she is still looking prettily drenched. However, if you zoom into her reflection in the water, it is eerily distorted (especially around the nose and chin area).

Yang Mi scary reflection Fuyao
The comments section is buzzing with people who are finding humor at the unexpectedly scary reflection. Now, I am no photography expert and I don't really notice how an actual water reflection would look like but if you google water reflections of people, you'd see that most photos have the reflections to be a carbon copy of the person only inverted. Photoshop may be the culprit. 

Yang Mi distorted photo Legend of Fuyao
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  1. Wow this is so news worthy...
    Most chinese studio photos are heavily photoshoped so it's not surprised

    1. AHHAHAHAHAHAH! Yes very funny why this is even news!

      Surprised at how many people are jealous about her looks...it's no wonder every single dramas today are about very jealousy women.

    2. Jealous of what? Her Botox? lol

    3. @ Anon 1.b
      Yes, they are definitely jealous of her Botox!
      But at least when she was Guo Xiang she was popular and natural with no Botox. It was like that for a long time until she aged and needed it. Compare to all the other actresses getting famous after her were never able to reach her height today with their natural looks. Only after they all turn to botox and even plastic surgery, and even model their faces after hers did they turn famous.
      And unlike what some actress did, at least YM didn't go finger point at other people saying they are plastic surgery while she herself is super natural. Of course those people are very jealous of YM.

    4. Uh...Yang Mi did more than just botox. Research her before and after pics. Not as extensive as Angelababy, but she went under the knife.

    5. Same thing again, she was already very famous before she went under the knife. Lots of others were proven to go under the knife as well (google them), they did that just to get famous because their natural self wouldn't sell for years, and their skills were nowhere at all and can only depend on their looks entirely.

    6. Yang Mi became popular because of Gong. She looked different there than as Guo Xiang.

    7. YM got popular with The Return of the Condor Heroes and Chinese Paladin 3 so it was before Goong
      In fact she was named one of the new 4 dan at that time

      Goong give the the 2nd time being in 4 dans list.

      So nope she got popular before she even touched her face. And she played Wang Zhaojun- one of the most beautiful women in chinese history in her earlier years too.
      At least get your information straight

    8. * Nie Xiaoqian is also supposed to be very pretty and YM did well in it too.

      * Also notable, she was good in Hong Lau Mong despite that the drama was horrible, and she had zero make up like a zombie but still pretty. Most of the actresses in there didn't turn out looking good because there was a no makeup rule in that show.

      * Mei Ren Xin Ji was also very good.

      * The Prince Education was also nice too.

      * To be frank, it's true she is most prettiest in Gong and Painted Skin but in both the show, her skin color was very natural and had very little make up on. No botox at that time. And about the cheek or jaw bone that made a bump on the side of her face that created the illusion of a square shape, it was still there even in Gu Jian Qi. It only became smaller in Les Interpretes and so on. People made a very far exaggeration to search for all pictures with the angles where her face was most squared, then compared them with the ones where angles are less squared. Also photoshopping some pictures as well. But really from 2005 - 2014 the bump was really not all that different as people exaggerated.

      * Overall she did quite a lot of small roles even though she was famous! And even after being even much much more famous, we still see another small role like Qing luan in Beauty World that was really beautiful to see. Nobody complained that the idol was being bullied and not getting only all the "main" roles :P She worked harder than most idols but still get wrongly criticized as lucky. Was natural all along only until recently, and get blasted for that more than people who was not even natural in the first place. I.E. Li Yitong, Zhao liying, and Ju Jing yi are all way more different looking from their past than YM and her old self 10 years ago. If they get a passing through "nobody look like themselves 5 or 10 years ago" or through "weight loss" then those things apply to YM as well and she did not do plastic surgery at all.

  2. I don’t get it. Is it because the top pic is photoshopped, which is why the reflection looks different? lol

    1. If that's what people are saying...I wonder who on earth has such a good skill to photoshop such a distorted picture like that and turn it into somebody's face? Even made it look nothing like a painting but a real picture with the exact human details too.

      If the complaint is the reflection is not pretty but scary, well...if reflections in water are not even a bit squiggly and distorted, would that even be water (or real water)?

    2. The top picture is photoshopped to sharpen her features, so you don’t see it in the reflection.

  3. Of course reflections in water should be swiggly, people are narcistic to the point where their water reflection needs to be like a mirror.

    Anyway, a friend of mine keep teasing YM looks like Marge Simpson in this drama, I laugh bc it does look like it too but not in a bad way.

  4. Who is the other actress in the first picture? Was she in Legend of Dugu?

  5. Her reflection looks like actress she is supposedly disguised as. Maybe the crew mixed up the scene.I don't think the reflection looks like her. More like editing gone wrong. She was told to stay from water and a mirror for a reason lol.

  6. oh wow...the lengths people go to criticize something - reflection in the water lol WTF. If I don't like a particular actor and/or actress, I just don't bother watching or commenting on their outputs. So I don't understand why people do such pointless things.