Sweet Dreams ends and Sweet Combat premieres with nice lead in from its predecessor

Sweet Dreams finale poster
Last night was the series finale of Sweet Dreams and the series premiere of Sweet Combat. Instead of the usual 2 episodes for Sweet Dreams, Hunan TV intentionally arranged for its last episode to precede the first episode of Sweet Combat, and it looks like the nice lead in has translated well in viewership ratings. 

Sweet Dreams final episode ratings

Although it was often a few spots away from taking first place, Sweet Dreams led by Deng Lun and Dilraba Dilmurat has had a decent performance on primetime. It has managed to break 1% in CSM52 ratings and 2% nationwide multiple times throughout its runThe show finished airing after 29 days, and it has garnered CSM52 ratings of 1.067% and CSMNationwide of 2.11% on its final episode.

Sweet Dreams network traffic
The show has also reached 6 billion by finale week. For the sake of comparison, Only Side By Side With You drew in 4 billion, Here to Heart drew in 7 billion while Negotiator drew in 10 billion views online on their finale week. 

Sweet Combat premiere Luhan
Sweet Combat led by real-life couple Luhan and Guan Xiaotong premiered with CSM52 ratings of 0.948% and CSMNationwide of 1.95%. Starting tonight, it takes over Sweet Dreams' time slot to air two episodes at 8pm on Hunan TV. 
Sweet Combat viewership ratings premiere

Sweet Combat 100 million ahead of premiere
Although somewhat unusual, the show reported reaching 100 million views online even before the episodes were released! With its younger fanbase, I'm guessing that this is a show that is bound to kickass online. 

Sweet Combat Chinese TV series

Sweet Combat Chinese TV series

Sweet Combat Chinese TV series

Sweet Combat Chinese TV series

Sweet Combat Chinese TV series
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  1. The effect of Luhan lol

  2. Great start of Sweet Combat. I've watched first 2 episodes and enjoyed it. It's better than my expectation.