Spy Hunter

Spy Hunter 天衣无缝 is a 50-episode Chinese drama adapted from the novel Gui Wan Ri Ji by Zhang Yong 张勇. Back in 2015, Disguiser started a wave for idol-led suspense thrillers like Sparrow and Rookie Agent Rouge. This year, it's Spy Hunter's turn to bring us back to where it all started as it takes place in the same universe as Zhang Yong's 1940's era of spies.

Synopsis from Chinesedrama.Info:
In spring of the year 1931, the Communist party has set up a communication station in Shanghai, Guangdong and Harbin. Two red agents with the codename Yan Gang, Qing Zi and their team are tasked with establishing a new route to a secret hideout where they would send important personnel and rations safely and away from prying eyes. 


A disaster strikes and their station in Tianjin falls due to a betrayal from one of their own. 'Yan Gang' Gui Wan perishes from the incident and the entire team is replaced. Zi Li Ping is Gui Wan's half brother as they have the same father and different mothers. He plans an elaborate scheme to exact vengeance, hoping to use Gui Wan's brother Gui Yi (Hu Hai Feng) and the power behind him to lure out the traitor.

It is led by Qin Junjie (Peace in Palace, Peace in Chang An), Xu Lu (Prince Coffee Lab) and Hu Hai Feng (Legend of Wu Le) with a special appearance by Lu Yi (Blind Date). It also stars Zhang Zhixi (My Naughty Classmates), Zhugang Riyao (Love Actually), and Monica Mo Xiaoqi (Beautiful Trainee). 

With a high rating for the past spy shows, this drama might come below expectations or surpass them. I hope it's the latter.

Release Date: TBD

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