Shake it Up for Your Favorite Celebrities this July!

Shake It Up Chinese dance show Dilraba Dilmurat
There's been an onslaught of dance offs with the recent shows, and there's yet another one coming this July 22! 

Shake It Up Chinese dance show
Shake it Up 新舞林大会 is the remake of the old show Let's Shake it 舞林大会 wherein celebrities are invited to a dance showdown, but it has gotten more exciting. Dragon TV removed the traditional judges and allowed the audience to give scores themselves. With them still allowing all kinds of dances, it is surely a show to look forward to. 

Shake It Up Chinese dance show Wang Ziyi

Shake It Up Chinese dance show Jane Zhang

Shake It Up Chinese dance show Joke Xue
I am actually excited to see this just because of the star-studded lineup. I didn't even know some of them dance! The cast includes Dilraba Dilmurat, Wang Ziyi, Jane Zhang, and Joker XueThe guests are Jerry Yan, Neo Hou Minghao, Rainie Yang, Jiro Wang, Deng Lun, Allen Ren JialunDong Li, Qiao Shan, Liu Wei, Peter Sheng Yilun, Qin Lan, Dong Jie, Timmy Xu WeiZhou, Rachel Mao Xiaotong and Wu Xin. 

Shake It Up Chinese dance show Jerry Yan

Shake It Up Chinese dance show Neo Hou Minghao
Shake It Up Chinese dance show Rainie Yang

Shake It Up Chinese dance show Jiro Wang

Shake It Up Chinese dance show Deng Lun

Shake It Up Chinese dance show Ren Jialun

Shake It Up Chinese dance show Dong Li

Shake It Up Chinese dance show Qiao Shan

Shake It Up Chinese dance show Liu Wei

Shake It Up Chinese dance show Peter Sheng Yilun

Shake It Up Chinese dance show Qin Lan

Shake It Up Chinese dance show Dong Jie

Shake It Up Chinese dance show Timmy Xu Weizhou

Shake It Up Chinese dance show Mao Xiaotong

Shake It Up Chinese dance show Wu Xin
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  1. Some of them dont dance, like Dilreba (girl i love you but she was very awk and shy when she danced) and Deng Lun (love him too, he’s good at singing tho) and some other names but i guess they re invited to add extra stuffs in it. It’ll be boring if everyone can dance anw lol

    1. So many C-netizens say the same thing about her can't dance. I've seen worse dancers and never think they "cannot" dance.
      The shy expression was extremely cute, nobody else could have imitate it. So, it caused some great tense of jealousy. So funny, the netizens made me curious enough to check out how she really dance and it turned out just fine. I don't like the actress much, she is not even pretty to me (hot, but not pretty) and I don't understand why they are afraid of her becoming too famous (maybe just cuz of YM?). People try to discredit her through a proof that is not even proof, most amusingly is the proof was that she actually can do what they claim she couldn't. =P

    2. There are worse dancers doesnt mean she's good lol look at her Despacito dance, it's supposed to be sexy but it was awkward and stiff you can tell she was uncomfortable yet she when with a sexy dance. Shy expression doesnt work in sexy dance, it works in cute dance.I'm saying this as someone who danced before. Idk and dont really care about jealousy or people not wanting her to be famous that's a given with rising stars and popular ones. YM is the one who brought her up, what do you mean afraid of her becoming famous because of YM lmao she obviously cant dance and its not a bad thing, she's an actress. Maybe she'll improve in this, who knows

    3. Actually, Dilreba came from a dancing background. She can dance. However, her Despacito performance was horrible. The excessive hair flipping was unnecessary. It was far from sexy. Her fans will just say anything is good lol

      She’s popular because Yang Mi is promoting her nonstop. She’s average. Her last two dramas and current drama are indicators of her limited range.

    4. I have no dancing background but can tell there is no problem with it. It might not look like an original despacito dance but it is still a different type of more classy performance that is watchable. Just my style, I don't have interest in seeing (even deadly beautiful people) shaking their body so hard as it actually irks me and even worse is when I see ugly people doing it. Her rythm is smooth and consistent, not stiff or awkward, it's just she doesn't pull on any sexy moves at all which is more comfortable for me to watch.

    5. The problem with the Despacito Dance is that it wasn't in the dance style that was her forte. Most likely the production people heard she liked the song and then got someone to choreograph it for her.
      In the behind the scenes of this show, a contestant praised her for the dance and she herself said it wasn't that good in the end (most likely referring to a part where she wasn't in sync with the backup dancers), and it was due to them only having a few hours to learn it and practice.
      For such a busy person, I think she did great already. But wish for next time that they arrange a dance style that she has learned before when she was in school. Win-win for us and for her

  2. Can't wait to see Dilraba in another variety show. Missed her in this season of Keep Running. I just hope some kind soul with sub this like they did with Hot Blood Dance Crew.
    P.S. nice to see two of Dilraba's co stars as guest!

    1. For those who complaint Dilireba can't dance, do watch this before comment. Not sure is your standards too high or you don't know how to see someone can dance or not.

      She's good and sexy here.

  3. Dilraba Dilmurat can dance I've seen her dance at Happy Camp she is hot and sexy. Her acting improve a lot. I LOVE her drama Sweet Dream and The Flames Daughter she nailed it. She gain so fast popularity in just few years while other actors and actress it takes years. YANG MI Did a great job promoting her none stop. YANG MI is a great boss in every drama of her she put her own people from main lead to supporting actors she let her pair or them shine with her.

  4. I don't remember seeing wang ziyi at all in the show...