New premieres Sand Sea and Story of Yanxi Palace hit 100 million views

Sand Sea ratings premiere
Story of Yanxi Palace and Sand Sea are two web dramas that premiered on July 19 and July 20. As of today, both have just announced reaching 100 million views. It's definitely a promising start especially for Sand Sea which hit the 100 million mark within 5 hours of its release. Even until today, I keep seeing reports about Asura's epic fail, and I'm glad to see Wu Lei finding success one way or the other. He really seems to be acting his socks off in this one, which makes the show all the more compelling to watch, at least for me.

Story of Yanxi Palace ratings premiere
Meanwhile, Sword of Legends 2 which premiered about a week ago has reached 300 million views by day 9. Is anyone watching this and would care to share? As a fan of the original, I'm curious how this measures up. 

Legend of Ancient Sword 2


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