My Little One Copied SBS' My Little Old Boy? List of Shows Facing Plagiarism Allegations Grows

Alleged Plagiarism My Little Old Boy My Little One
The Chinese entertainment industry has been constantly riddled with plagiarism accusations. My Little One is the latest addition to the list. The show which premiered last July 7, 2018 on Hunan TV is said to have copied the format of the South Korean show, My Little Old Boy.

Alleged Plagiarism My Little Old Boy My Little One
My Little Old Boy premiered last 2016. It has received multiple awards since then and has continued to generate interests as several celebrities gives a look inside their private lives. When asked, the South Korean TV station SBS claims that they did not sell the rights to My Little Old Boy.  

Alleged Plagiarism My Little Old Boy My Little One
The premise of the two shows are indeed similar. It features male celebrities who are older, single and living alone. The mothers of these celebrities are invited to the show to watch and react at the videos of their sons. Furthermore, the Chinese version, My Little One also has a similar red background set like the South Korean version, My Little Old Boy. 

This isn't the first time that Chinese shows have been accused of plagiarizing Korean shows. Some of the other controversial ones are -

1. Youn's Kitchen (South Korea) vs Chinese Restaurant

Alleged Plagiarism Youn's Kitchen Chinese Restaurant
2. Produce 101 (South Korean) vs Idol Producer

Produce 101 Idol Producer Alleged Plagiarism
3. Show Me the Money (South Korea) vs The Rap of China

The Rap of China Show Me The Money Alleged Plagiarism
Three Meals a Day, Infinite Challenge and Hello Counselor were also allegedly victims of plagiarism.

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  1. So they both are the same genre of entertainment its plagiarism? If thats the case lets sue all the battle royale games cause they are all the same too. LOL

  2. The Chinese version of some Korean shows claim to have legally bought the copyrights but it did not really happen. I think people who complain about the issue is due to the fact that the Chinese tv/web channels claim to have legally bought the copyrights but they really did not do it. It's the case for Rap Of China and Idol producer.

    It's China. South Korea is an ant in front of an elephant. Law is nothing.

    There are too many who claim plagiarism when a show is following the same format, ideas, cocnepts and etc done by another show which was done earlier.

  3. And water is wet lol if they want it, they can just buy the copyrights and get it over with instead of plagiarizing and not paying. Chinese companies are known to pay Korean show producers more to get them over and produce for them, but that’s only a few. The rest rather take the show and run with it cause they know Korean shows cant do shit to them lol

  4. People behind the scene of this entertainment shows are so shameless. I dont know how they can be pround of their work knowing quite well that what they do is plagiarizing. But its China, things like these happens all the time *shrug*

  5. China is well known to be copiers, not creators.