My Fair Princess Cast Reunited in Reality Show

Chinese Restaurant 2 Vicki Zhao Alec Su
The new season of Chinese Restaurant 中餐廳 becomes more royal than ever! Our favorite My Fair Princess love team Vicki Zhao and Alec Su are back together as they co-host the show. 

Ruby Lin is confirmed to guest and even Fan BingBing is likely to appear on the show, but the imperial kitchen won't be complete without the emperor! It also seems like Zhang Tielin, the emperor, will be coming on the first episode. 

My Fair Princess Cast Reunited 2018

My Fair Princess Cast in Chinese Restaurant 2

Zhang Tielin, Vicki Zhao, Alec Su reunited

Zhang Tielin Chinese Restaurant 2

Zhang Tielin, Vicki Zhao, Alec Su reunited
Chinese Restaurant 2 中餐厅第二季 is a celebrity reality show wherein they try to remake flavors of China. I'm actually more excited in the fact that the old cast is getting back together rather than the delicious food they're making.

Other hosts include: Shu Qi, Karry Wang and Pax Congo. The show premieres July 13 on Hunan TV (every Friday 10pm).

Chinese Restaurant Season 2
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  1. Oh they re doing season 2 , i think they ll open the restaurant in Europe now? Last season they were in Thailand and they were advertising with Vicki Zhao’s My Fair Princess poster and ppl did recognize her and came lol

  2. They ripped off the idea from a Korean show without paying the copyright..and shamelessly continue the show for another season

  3. Vicki and Shu Qi still looks incredible, especially Vicki. Happy to see them reunited.

  4. Vicki is still really really pretty. Base from the poster above, Vicki is above Shu Qi in terms of star ranking. Anyways both of them still are really gorgeous.

  5. Why am I missing the fact that Zhang Tielin used to be king in every single ancient chinese dramas? Yue Yao Li also, as the best father in every dramas.